EMC Spotlight: Pilot

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  1. Empire Minecraft: Spotlight Pilot

    Board up your windows! Bury your TNT in the yard! Grab your bows and hide all of your sheep! The next best thing just may become a matter of possibility upon the horizon of Empire Minecraft's future! This is possibly the next part of the answer to life, the universe and everything! I tried asking my neighbors next door to me, and they said the answer isn't real, it has no value, and go away. This is besides the point.

    It has come to my attention that there are no doubt, many great creations in EMC. This community has grown so much, that it is rather difficult to join a server and keep track of amazing creations. I was thinking of making this a contest, but right now this is more of an experiment. To carry this out properly, I need a pair of scissors, three red balloons, a top hat, and a monocle.

    I also need help from the great members that make up Empire Minecraft! This project is basically going to be a video created by your's truly. It is a test to see what may happen in the future for videos such as one like this. I am the one who created the Empire Minecraft Promotional a few months ago as a voluntary project to help this amazing community. The good part is that everything else I do as of set time is in fact, voluntary, and I have a grand time with what I do.

    So how can you submit your residence for evaluation in the spotlight? Follow the form provided! In fact, copy and paste the form provided, then fill in the required fields.

    Now I leave the rest to you. Let's make this cheese happen people! Now excuse me while I go to the nearest Flea market. I hear they sell scissors, balloons, top hats, and monocles in combo packages.

    Project Status: Qualifiers have been set.
    What's Next: Prepare for Filming

    Please try to make submissions that are complete, or near completion. A date will be posted for the completion of this project when I gather all of the necessary resources.

    Release Date: To Be Announced
    Submission Due Date: Friday, February 17th, 2012

    - Use the forms below for submission -

    To submit your own residence, use the following form:
    No More Submissions are being Accepted. Thank you for all of those who submitted!:cool:

    Nomination: (Nominating yourself or another player?)
    Minecraft Player Name:
    EMC Forum Name:
    Server (SMP ?):
    Residence Number:
    Description of Creation:
    Extra Information:
  2. Terr
    Tower Shop
  3. Minecraft Player Name:bob48311 and Alexdeminer
    EMC Forum Name:bob48311 and Alexdeminer
    Server (SMP ?):SMP 2
    Residence Number:3821
    Description of Creation:A giant leaf pyramid
    Extra Information:We are creating a giant leaf pyramid with a giant garden inside
  4. Minecraft Player Name: brandop123
    EMC Forum Name: brandop123
    Server SMP 3
    Residence Number:6684
    Description of Creation: Beautiful store
    Extra Information: only took 2 days to renovate from a little sand and dirt building.
  5. I would like to add that it wouldn't be a bad idea either if you were to submit creations on other people's behalf who might not frequent the forums as much, something you think would look cool in a video or whatnot. :)
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  6. I will add this to the open post. :)
  7. Yes! This sounds awesome!
    Minecraft Player Name: amadai
    EMC Forum Name: amadai
    Server (SMP ?): SMP3
    Residence Number: 7471
    Description of Creation: mansion...thing.
    Extra Information: wool art carpets and windows, secret room, lots of floors, sometimes derp squid in pond.
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  8. Minecraft Player Name:ivonator123
    EMC Forum Name:ivonator123
    Server (SMP 3)
    Residence Number:7072
    Description of Creation: A large and unique, beautiful shop and castle
    Extra Information: A large Castle, with a large shop
  9. Minecraft Player Name:damianss
    EMC Forum Name: damianss
    Server (SMP ?): SMP4
    Residence Number: 8513
    Description of Creation: The tower to space
    Extra Information: Im making it bigger until max. altitude
  10. Nomination: (Nominating yourself or another player?) Skilled_Creeper & Crazy1080
    Minecraft Player Name:Skilled_Creeper
    EMC Forum Name: Skilled_Creeper
    Server (SMP ?): smp5
    Residence Number: 10014
    Description of Creation: Tree like dome :)
    Extra Information: fills up whole resident and Crazy1080 helped me a lot to build this :)
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  11. Nomination: Myself and c0lt0nrul3z
    Minecraft Player Name: travo97 and c0lt0nrul3z
    EMC Forum Name: travo97 and c0lt0nrul3z
    Server (SMP ?): SMP-1
    Residence Number: 1181
    Description of Creation: A large hotel building we made.
    Extra Information:it has a swimming pool, a VIP area, a nether cafe, and a miners shop.
  12. I wanna submit for Eclipsys :D
    His hotel is awesome!!!

    Name : Eclipsys
    Server : Utopia
    Res No. 5003
    Desc. of creation : EPIC hotel! Eclipsion Palace-Tower Epic hotel.
    Extra Info. : EPIC XD!!
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  13. Minecraft Player Name: NurglesRott
    EMC Forum Name: NurglesRott
    Server (SMP ?): SMP2
    Residence Number: 3779
    Description of Creation: UFO hovering above obsidian and glowstone pyramid
    Extra Information: Decent shop on second floor, sell ores and dream interwebs :cool:
  14. Guess i should get to work on the furniture in my house =)
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  15. Nomination: (Nominating yourself or another player?)My self
    Minecraft Player Name:joshyrocks13
    EMC Forum Name:joshyrocks13
    Server (SMP ?):smp4
    Residence Number:8538
    Description of Creation:An Awesome Parkour Bank Farm etc.
    Extra Information:Come buy at my shop!!
  16. Minecraft Player Name: Yukon1200
    EMC Forum Name: Yukon1200
    Server (SMP ?): 3
    Residence Number: 6386
    Description of Creation: Barad-dur (Souron's Tower, complete with the Eye of Sauron on top)
    Extra Information: The dirt shell around it will be down in a day or so, and the inside won't be done for a while, but the outside is done and its awesome XD
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  17. Nomination: Another player

    Minecraft Player Name: MR2R2M_2
    EMC Forum Name: MR2R2M_2
    Server (SMP ?): Utopia
    Residence Number: 5003
    Description of Creation: "Eclipsys EPIC hotel complex"
    Extra Information: very nice rooms looking forward to completion of the rest of the rooms
  18. I would like to add that I do not want my res put in this video. No offense but im making a video myself and my res is all created by me so all of it is my creation.

    I am only stating this cause I know there will be at least one person that will try to suggest my res for this and I don't want it added so yeah.
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  19. I nominate iamfuturetrunks' res. It was all created by him so it is all of his creation. I think it deserves a spot. DOn't be so hard on yourself iamfuturetrunks.


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  20. No I just want my own video of my res. I don't like people featuring my work in their videos.
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