Can't connect to EMC

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  1. When I try to connect, i get the following message:
    "Failed to log in: The authentication servers are currently down for maintenance".
    It even says this while i try to direct connect to different smps on emc. any ideas what the problem is?
  2. The server sessions are shaky right now.
  3. It's acting weird right now. Joining now would work. :D
  4. authenthication servers are currently down for mantainance" is what i got
  5. There is a rumor that Minecraft servers are being Ddosed again, but I'm not 100% sure yet.
  6. Still the same message.
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  8. This just happened. I'm out now as well. Boo hoo. Some people with even more of a no life than me.
  9. For those who don't know, you can check the sessions' status under Empire Status on the front page. :)
  10. Also; just keep on trying. i also couldn't get online, kept trying and now i'm back on...
  11. Suggestion -- make EMC less reliant on Mojang session servers. ;)
  12. Thats not possible? :p
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  13. That would require offline servers, and then EMC would have to keep passwords per-player, it wouldn't be a great system IMO.

    Anyways, just don't log off.
  14. communism
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  15. Mojang has absolutely zip ownership in EMC.
  16. Fun fact: you can set a server to "offline mode" in the configuration and it won't check users with Mojang's servers. This has the benefit of not relying on their server's being up but means that anyone using an unofficial client could join and impersonate someone else. Often times, it is used to allow players who illegally obtained the game to join.
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  17. Deleted post as its not needed, thanks for helping me out and learned something new :)
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