Can't Chat?

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  1. Is anyone else having the issue when they speak, no matter what it is they get this message in red:
    "Cannot send chat message"

    I'm currently having it and have no idea why it is going on.
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  2. /c on
    /c t
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  3. i've never gotten that message, but it seems no matter what i do i get that red message telling me that my words have been blocked.. even when telling a mod that my 'home commands aren't working and none of my res's are saying they are there' ...
    message filter is still absolutely annoying with the things it blocks. lol =\

    oh? sorry? is something funny? you can't send 'lol' or even say 'xD' because that is spam and you can't send it. -_-
  4. Your chat might be turned off... type /chat on or /c on then /c t for town chat :)

    Ninja'd :p
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  5. I checked. Chat was not off.I could see others tried to turn it on anyway, and it didn't work.
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  6. This problem is actually not with Empire Minecraft but your Minecraft client settings. You appear to have turned off Chat in the ingame menus. You must turn it back on and all should be well.
  7. The chat filter will not block things like XD or lol, it only blocks repeated messages.

    There was a bug before that sending to 1 channel, realizing it was wrong channel > Switch channel > resend would be blocked, but I fixed that.

    If you're running into normal chat experience thats getting blocked, please PM me and i'll try to fix it. The filter really shouldn't interfere with normal chat.
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  8. Alright, thanks.

    I also thank my brother. The cause of my issue. -.-
  9. One day when SMP7 was set as the suggested server and we became overran with noobs, I sat and watched some kid in the tutorial talk junk to another player and he was able to call her a sl*t, yet you can't type the word boob in any form or fashion.

    I put the asterisk for those who are offended.
  10. "Logic - Season 1 Episode 1"
  11. Some common words are not blocked, me and somebody found out which ones. Can't remember them.
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  12. we should make a list
  13. Yeah I'm not up to par on this generation of teenagers vulgar vocabulary... so if there are some missing please PM me privately.

    Though, the filter is meant for words that are super obvious 'never appropriate to use', so some smaller words we wouldn't want to add or it could interfere with legit chat.