[Cancelled] Minecraft Video Contest!!!

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  1. I have just removed my failed attempt to get video submissions so that I could put together a Minecraft video for my SMASH HIT* song Monster's Lament.

    This gives me the chance to start fresh with a new and improved contest:


    How to enter:

    1. Download the MP3 of Monster's Lament** from either Soundcloud or Last.fm. (Please use the Last.fm link to download as the Soundcloud link has almost reached its 100 download limit for a free account)
    2. Create your video for Monster's Lament.
    3. Upload your original video to your Youtube channel (title should include "Monster's Lament -Edmund Snyder").
    4. Leave a comment with a link to your video on this thread.
    1. First Place: 50,000 Rupees, an EdmundWayne head, and a Monster's Lament signed Book & Quill.
    2. Second Place: 30,000 Rupees and an EdmundWayne head.
    3. Third Place: 20,000 Rupees.
    (Watch this thread as prizes are subject to increase if other players decide to donate to this cause)


    1. Pay attention to the song. It is a song written from the perspective of the Minecraft monsters, who (according to the narrative) see us as invaders and conquerors of their lands. Videos that make the monsters look like victims will do well.
    2. The deadline on this contest will be December 10th. Any entries submitted after that will not be considered.
    3. At the conclusion of this contest on December 10th, I will post a poll with my favorite entries and let the community decide the top 3. The poll will be closed 5 days after it opens. If there are 3 entries or fewer then all entries will be included in the poll. If there are fewer than three entries then the top prizes will still be awarded and I will retain the remaining prizes for future contests.
    4. Have fun and good luck.
    Legal mumbo-jumbo:
    • * The "smash hit" status of my song has been exaggerated for dramatic effect.
    • ** I own all rights to every aspect of this song, I hereby grant limited synch licenses to all participants of this contest to create a video of the song and to upload their video to their own Youtube channel. Any other use of the song is not authorized. Failure to provide a link to your video on this thread will invalidate said synch license.
    • By creating a video from my song and entering this contest, you grant me rights to use your video for promotional or other purposes.
  2. I like this :)
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  3. I will see what I can do ;).
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  4. Already have some idea floating through my brain...
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  5. im quite depressed by this....is that bad :(
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  6. Depressed? Why because now you feel guilty about all the evil things you're doing to those poor Minecraft monsters? To be honest, the song isn't really about Minecraft.;) Minecraft really is just a game.
  7. I would if I could :3
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  8. But if we are the monsters why are we still calling the aggressive mobs "monsters"?
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  9. Can you put the lyrics in the thread?, plz :D
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  10. I'll do it when I get home from work.
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  11. Couple reasons: in a war, you always demonize your opponent regardless of who the bad guys are. Do you think the people who flew planes into our buildings thought of themselves as the bad guys? What about Hitler's troops? (And I'm certainly not implying that we are equivalent to Hitler's SS)

    The other answer is that "monster" isn't necessarily a pejorative; Elmo, Mike Wazowski, and Sulley are monsters. :)
  12. But but but...
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  13. Monster's Lament (Minecraft Edition) lyrics:

    Here I am hanging out surveying my fields when you come running by like you're late for a meal.
    I've tried to see things your way but I can't understand why you think it's okay to have my blood on your hands.
    Yeah, this is my world, it's where my children go to school, and I didn't get a vote when you created the rules.
    No you don't understand me and you won't learn my name,
    and you can't feel compassion when I'm just another game.
    So log off from your computer, step away from your mouse and you won't get so frustrated when I blow up your house.

    You call us terrorists and monsters and other hurtful names, but if we were mining your land you'd be doing the same.
    You think you're so tough while dropping anvils on our heads, but it's hard to give a damn when you're already dead.
    Yeah, this is my life, this is where I was born, and you probably won't rest until my sheep are all shorn.
    You'll never understand us when you kill us on sight.
    Every time you're in a tunnel you start another light.
    So get away from your keyboard and open your eyes, every time you click your mouse another enderman dies.

    You say that creepers are griefers and suicide-bombing thugs but have you ever stopped to give a creeper a hug?
    You get experience points when you murder us in a cage, then you act all surprised when we seem filled with a rage.
    But this is our place, it's where we lived and we died and you'll never comprehend us--you've never even tried.
    You don't even care, you think that we're all the same.
    Sometimes I wish that I could just log off from this game.
    But we can't shut down, no we can't get away, so we'll go on dying for you every time that you play.

    And I guess that's all I wanted to say.
  14. Muhaha, this seems fun. :D
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  15. Working on your animation right now, Edmund. Expect it by the end of the week (hopefully ;))

    Is this to the tune of any song?
  16. Something new :)
  17. It's completely original. I wrote the lyrics then came up with a chord progression (G D Em C D G and variations thereof mostly). Then I recorded it including a couple subdued drum tracks, a bass track, several vocal tracks, a couple rhythm guitar tracks, and an electric guitar track. All tracks were performed by me as is true with all of my songs so far although I have recorded a couple cover tunes. Some day, when I can afford it, I hope to get mechanical licenses for the cover songs and record an actual CD. But today is not that day.

    [edit] I may have misunderstood your question, the song is at the download links in the OP.
  18. Is it ok if I shorten it to like a couple minutes?
  19. I get this song kinda.
    Depending on how you look at something, anyone could be bad...
    I'll use Fallen Kingdom and Take Back the Night as an example.
    Herobrine may seem bad, terrorizing the area, but you don't really know who actually started it, who really is attacking. Yet Herobrine seems bad for some reason.
    In Take Back the Night, there is a part when the main character comes back to his village. When he sees his village getting attacked. We assume that is is the good guy, mainly because we are seen from is point of view.
    Near the end of that scene, he is attacking zombie pigs. At one point, a baby pig goes up to him, and he attacks it. ATTACKS IT, even though it had done nothing to him.
    Still, most people still think that he is good.
    It mainly is depended on the point of view.
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  20. You must use the entire song for the contest.