Can you shear it?

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  1. I got my eyes on you!


    Sorry, this is actually a screenshot I made by accident. Fell in a hole which Epic_ARW made on her res. and while trying to make a funny selfie I ended up with this. So far I never had much use for it until now (even though it is kinda useless here but hey...).

    Can you shear it?!

    This evening I got the latest bit of my voters outfit: the voting shears. As you may (or may not?) know the voters gear is actually pretty powerful stuff. Everything I wear up here, apart from the carrots, is soulbound (won't drop if I die) and unbreakable. Yes, you read that right: I can use this gear until the end of times (and I plan on doing just that).

    Now; we all know what you can do with shears, right? You can easily clip wool blocks (in desert temples for example), you can shear sheep, you can cut the leaves of trees but.... Can you shear hostile mobs? Obviously not something one would try because if you couldn't then you'd risk losing all your stuff.

    And this is where my voting gear comes along. I won't risk losing any of my stuff even if I die (which I won't of course, I'm all powerful with my voters armor!). Well, nothing apart from the carrots.

    SO.. lets try to shear some hostile mobs!

    Ah the creeper... Always sad looking, probably because it doesn't want to share all that cool gunpowder. And I bet that if I shear it then we'll get creeper skin which you can grind and wash in a cauldron only to make gunpowder out of it. Trust me, you'll see! All it takes is timing....

    Errr, oops.. Guess you can't shear a creeper.

    Moving right along....

    Aah the skeleton, with its exposed bones. That should be easily doable right? I'll break of a few bones which I can use for bonemeal and the skeleton gets to live most of his life. Win - win situation if you ask me.

    YES, I'm "shearing" it! Some would call hitting it, but that would be cruel... Unfortunately nothing seems to come off. I'll just have to try harder....

    And so, in the end, the skeleton passed away and left nothing. I wonder if I could shear myself to get some free arrows?

    If you kill a zombie you get rotting flesh, so surely we should be able to scrape something off from this guy? All it takes is a little persistence and determination. Real men don't give up this easily!

    I guess the zombie managed to shear me.... :eek:

    So, unfortunately; you cannot sheer a zombie.

    Step right up folks and I'll shave your head clean. Villagers are kinda dumb to begin with so having to deal with villagers who got their mind nibbled at should be a no brainer. I'll have these guys shaved err: sheared clean in no time!

    Ow, my aching head!

    So, summing up... Kids, don't try this at home. ShelLuser is a highly trained professional (as can be seen in the spoiler sections) and he has absolutely no idea what he's doing, which is a major requirement here.

    Now, if you'll excuse me, I got to call my EMC insurance company...
  2. Protip: You can't shear squid either.
    I've tried. :(
  3. This thread deserves a lot more attention. :p I've been shearing the zombies wrong the whole time!
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  4. The shear craziness of this thread is astounding. :eek:
  5. +1 for awesomeness
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  6. Thank you so much for a fantastic laugh!! Glad to see i am not the only crazy person here :D
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  7. Rule #1248848957482: Not being crazy will result in a permanent ban.
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  8. I know what your death stare looks like now.
    I counter with pug attack below.
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  9. I don't mean to brag but... When I shear my sheep, I get wool.
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  10. But, but... I was actually serious here :confused:


    Sheep? Why would you want to shear sheep, that's much too easy ;)
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  11. That's weird i always get wool and letters of warning from the sheep leader. In one of the letters it describe this scenario with you involved. I'd stay away from fishing for a while.
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  12. Have you tried to shear a Marlix? Who knows what you might get...
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  13. I'm guessing arrows and fire.
    Possibly some death on the side.
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  15. That's mission accomplished sheep, seems he has attained the power to walk on two legs. The human race is doomed.
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  16. this is correct.
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  17. Well, now I know NOT to shear hostile mobs. :p btw I just laughed for like 5 minutes lol :D
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  18. For the record: I "blame" my recent interactions with smp8 for all this. Well, them and the beer I suppose ;)

    (and loving every part of it mind you!)
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