Can the "BlingCombat" plugin be installed for the EMC pvp arenas?

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Will you like this plugin to be part of pvp arenas?

Yes 3 vote(s) 21.4%
No 11 vote(s) 78.6%
  1. I recently watched Sethbling's latest video on enhancing the pvp combat experience with his latest plugin, BlingCombat, which requires more strategy and timing to fighting.

    A brief explanation on how it works:
    By blocking at the right moment, you can almost cancel out all damage taken. Holding your block for too long will not block that much damage.

    For more info, visit this you tub link:
  2. Sorry but we do not use public bukkit plugins, nor are we spending too much time on PvP.
  3. I did really like the plugin Sethbling made, it really added something.
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  4. Lag meter? Multiverse?
  5. Modified?
  6. All plugins are modified/changed slightly by Aikar/the dev team and formerly JustinGuy.

    E.g. Residence, Multiverse, BungeeCord
  7. 1. Not sure how Bungee Cord has been changd
    2. I don't think lag meter has been changed. A lot of you probably don't even know about it.
  8. It may just be minor changes, but something was done to it.
  9. Ok well I'm not totally sure what they have done to it apart from possibly add Bungee Proxy plugins to it.
  10. 1: Bungeecord isn't a plugin. However, it's been changed allow the servers to run in online mode.
    2: Why does it really matter?
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  11. 1. Ah ok. And I know it's on a plugin but you can install plugins onto the proxy
    2. It doesn't matter I was just interested as I like to know the technical stuff behind a lot of stuff :)
  12. -Neutral rant-

    Why do we care so much if we are using public plugins? If we can spend even like 15 minutes to make sure it all checks out and it's professional, what's so bad about using really nice things? I get that we like to be DIY and unique; but something like this is really quick and it would make all of us have a much better experience. :)

    Sethbling doesn't really write that many plugins, compared to others. I'm sure most of us know he will not release anything that isn't complete and acceptable.
  13. Actually all those listed arent modified, but I was being general and meaning new plugins... =P

    I don't really want to add any more plugins that are player-related unless it saves us a massive amount of work on something were already planning
  14. It's about maintenance really. What if said plugin doesn't update quickly / at all on a new version update?

    When new updates come, we are not really ever held back waiting on plugins. We update when we feel it is time.

    Bringing in plugins that players depend on adds a dependency on us to wait for them to also up date.

    And what if they then abandon the project? Now were stuck taking it over, and dealing with tons of code we don't need/having to fix just to get it to compile... Wasting tons of time.

    Plus, a majority of plugins are designed for simple servers, and use file system based data. That just doesn't play well with our multi server system.
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