Can staff do this?

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  1. Can staff teleport me to another player within EMC?
  2. yes if the player needs some sort of special help...
    no because they want to go to a place quickly

    oh sorry...misunderstood.

    Staff can teleport themselves
    staff CAN'T teleport players because is against the rules

    he he, read quickly
  3. No
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  4. Yes but they won't :p
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  5. What chicken said, but:

    Moderators can /g, the staff command to teleport. They can teleport to another player or to coordinates(?). They cannot teleport players.

    Senior Staff+ can teleport players to and from another. This, however, will not be done as it is against EMC policy to do so.
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  6. staff can teleport you to them though for no reason ;) or at least it happens to me
  7. Extending this: Senior Staff and up would only be the ones with the ability to actually teleport another player, in general. If something is done "for no reason", it should be noted it SHOULD only be in the town world. Very clearly against staff rules for something similar in the wild.
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