Can someone explain this too me?

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  1. So I was looking at my ruppe logs and Saw this

    (Edited out the players name and muh ruppes ((yes I use paint just cause)) )

    Why would someone do that if they're loosing rupees from it?
  2. :p i did same thing to you lol. Maybe they bought too many? Maybe they just felt like giving you the r. dunno?
  3. I was gonna say lag and buying too many or holding down the buy button, but how can you buy too many Diamonds? Anyway, I've known some shops that would give you money back for the extra you bought if you told them but I think most have just gone to "Too bad, just sell it back."
  4. My guess is they drained their Rupees and decided they should keep 200r in reserve. When I see someone makes a mistake and over buys, I usually give them back the difference.
  5. I see you are purchasing lava buckets from AlexChance.
    May I enquire what you're doing with them?
    I believe there's a high probability I'd be interested. ( ° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  6. Aliens...

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  7. I own a shop as well. It could mean three things:
    1. They bought too much of something
    2. They realized they spent a little bit too much money
    3. (This one doesn't happen often) It's their way of donating to your shop, as you make money, but don't loose product
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  8. I have had this happen also do the same when I notice it. Sometimes ppl lag and hit the sign to many times also
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  9. I see it all the time in my logs, it usually happens when they want a stack or 32/16/8/4 of the item and accidentally went over :)

    *EDIT* Or pater could delete his posts >.>
  10. i did the same at your shop some time ago. i found out it was less expensive to buy diamonds instead of the ore and then mining it with fortune pick