can anyone beat my speed?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Spectral_King, Dec 19, 2012.

  1. i took this earlier today and nearly soiled myself. can anyone beat it? o.o
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  2. were do you live, if you don't mind me asking.
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  3. Oh dear, I didn't know faster internet speeds could make you do that, I'll think I'll pass lol.
    But here's mine;

    Now I feel sad :(
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  4. Joshposh70 can. He has the fastest internet ever.
  5. north carolina :)

    id love to see that one :D
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  6. I got that beat...

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  7. oh wow, nice upload man :). and your just 2 points higher than my 92 download :).
  8. well of course that's on my corporate network.. and it's HP so it's gonna be fast

    i don't anything near that at my house lol
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  9. That is shockingly fast!
  10. Fiber optics?
  11. I wonder if anybody can be slower than mine, lol.
  12. ^^^I can. But my ISP decided to basically proclaim to the world where i live, so i wont be uploading it yet -_-
  13. yeeeeehhh.... anybody wanna be any slower? stupid telstra -_-
  14. You connected to the Melbourne server? I connected to Brisbane.
  15. Wow, guess I have it better than I thought... xD
  16. Update :(
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  17. Oh lol it says slower than 95% of AU
  18. That's insane! Do you guys run a server or something?! That is insanely good!
  19. My NZ internat speed... my upload speed has seen better days but s for my speeds it is mixed so I rate my ISP as not that great. Also I pay a lot for my internet so it is a rip off as well. However I understand that it is a fairly average speed most other people round where I live get faster for cheaper but my parents don't want to change ISP so yea...
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