calling artists of emc!

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  1. artists of emc!

    anyone up for slight drawing challenge? in two months i want to possibly (hopefully) be able to afford a small/medium sized tattoo on my shoulder that wraps around to my collarbone area.
    i'm pretty artistic myself and i plan on trying to draw some of my own designs.. but i wanted to see if anyone would want to try their hand at it.. the more suggestions the better! perhaps i'll even mix and match and add and mash together many designs!

    but, i'm really really interested in seeing what someone comes up with. you interested?

    would this be more interesting for a rupee donation?

    i just want many brains working on a design that i love! please and thank you.

    - alright! the topic is sea turtles! grown or babies.. in water or on sand.. i've googled for a few weeks and found a select few drawings and tattoos i really like..

    i am in love with this tattoo design!

    i am going to attempt this design in my own form with maybe a little more turtles in front and behind.. and some more flowers..

    i want a ton of color, perhaps the watercolor tattoo effect? or the typical type of tattoo ink. i do not know what kind of tattoos the place i will go does, so it all depends on their doings!

    so anyone want to try something?

    it doesn't have to follow the above tattoo design! make your own! i just want colors, sea turtles, realistic/cartoonish/tribal.. anything, just as long as you can tell they are sea turtles! add flowers, sea shells, water, bubbles, anything you see fit!

    please please please give it a try? :) that would be a amazing!

    thank you so much!

    - Megh
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  2. *throws a bump into the winds*
  3. i'd put the extra turtles in the water facing the same direction. not like facing right or left, but like with the flow of the water, if that makes any sense. i'm not good at drawing but i can be pretty creative
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  4. UPDATE:

    i will probably only be able to have one turtle.. i spoke to the tattoo artist that may be doing it and she said the turtle would have to be a few inches long.. and i doubt i'll be able to fit more than one where i want the tattoo.

    also, i am all for any type of design in the turtle shell.. as long as it mirrors itself like it does in the drawing!

    i am also unsure if i'll even be able to get this when i want to.. i'm afraid its going to be far more money then i will be able to afford so fast.
    so it may have to wait :( i am having a skype consult with the tattoo artist on friday! and she doesn't want to give up yet until she can fully come up wit ha price range for me. lol
  5. Do you have exact measurements?
  6. I love it! x'D
    no more than 6 or 7 inches

  7. For an additional 2921.9415 rupees. I will draw a fallout 4 charisma bobble-head surfing on those waves.

    Everyone else can pm me for a free quote on a custom tattoo design. (limited time offer, quantities are limited)
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  8. i dunno if i'm too late or not but i made an attempt, lol
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  9. Oh wow somebody actually did this and they aren't horrifically terrible. Nice job! :)
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