Calling all rappers

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  1. Hey guys, I'm a rapper and I want to do a rap song that we can all make up!
    If not just put a rap in the box!

    Emc rules still apply

  2. Im an okay rapper, but Im too white.
  3. Same lol
  4. I hear QkazooChan is a pretty good rapper. check out her latest mix tape "weeb 4 lyfe"
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  5. Yeah and i heard that they are looking to collaborate with someone
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  6. she's just shy
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  7. Your not a baller, your a phony I bet your whole crew was a bunch a-rent-a-homies. Now your in bed lonely because the only girls that you get are the pages of a catalog!
  8. I did a rap for one of my music assessments like 4 years ago... but I'm probably not so good, so if you give me chocolate then I can make wrappers instead
  9. Fendy with the quick banter
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  10. Was it a bit brutal? That's what I was going for ;D
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  11. Did u make this up yourself?
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  12. What did I just read...
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  13. Yeah
  14. All my rap songs are coming out in may
  15. 2:37 on my link
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  16. W