calling all photoshoppers!

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  1. Hey!
    i've got a job for you!

    some of you might know that i have my own business in real life. :D i'm a professional photographer.
    i've had this going for years now, but haven't done much with getting a logo. LOL.
    i don't use photo shop, and i am rather crappy at doing so..

    so! a friend of mine drew me up a logo design that i like, and i want you! yes you! to photoshop into something amazing!
    here is the logo!

    or this one:

    rules are very simple, just keep it Meghan Lohr Photography :p

    i'd like the background to be white or black... but if you can make something look good in the background then go right ahead!

    you can enter as many as you want, there is no limit.

    i'm giving this however long it needs to find the right logo.

    you can post your photos here, or personal message them to me :)

    the one i like the most will get a 10,000 grand rupee prize
    :) lol have at it!
  2. Now that i can get on EMC again, i can respond to messages :) so i'mma bump this ^.^
  3. I might give it a shot when I get home.

  4. I have traced the drawing into an SVG file which means it can be scaled to any size which is good for t-shirts, vehicle stickers, billboards ect.

    As for styling what kind of colours do you want? Its now just a case of colouring in :p
  5. Okay. Imma go home, take a nap, and after that I will see what my Intuos and I can do with it :D
  6. i'm excited! :)
  7. What colours and style do you want?
  8. this sounds like a challenge o:! but looks like Daffy is making it pretty nice so I might lend him a hand if he needs help :)
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  9. This is an example of what I can do with adding colour but I need to know what colours you want. :p

  10. Um... I can send you a t-shirt with that logo if you want :p
  11. Urgh rainbow camera... Fill the letters with pink too
  12. Why's everyone stealing my trace? :O
  13. Okay so i made a new version.
    The Red,blue,and green on the camera represent founding colors.
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  14. Theres something called I use gimp and I could do the same thing you did but yeah i did steal yours.
  15. Better now... It's just the colors in the camera, you should read the book in the attachment.

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  16. um its just a cover
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  17. I know. You are supposed to buy the book and read it <.<
  18. HTML:
    <iframe class="imgur-album" width="100%" height="550" frameborder="0" src=""></iframe>
  19. oh lol. well what do i do with the camera?
  20. The sketch is not meant to be the actual design, you can't have all those jagged edges.

    I have no experience with creating typefaces from scratch so I'll sit this one out. My logo designs tend to be more modern anyway.
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