Calling All Nintendo 3DS Owners!

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  1. Hey everyone :) Yesterday on Christmas Day, I received a "New Nintendo 3ds" which is limied edition Yoshi version :) I have SSBB, (Super Smash Brothers Brawl) and mario party island tour (Which is a dissapointment compared to the DS version). Today (Boxing Day here in NZ) I will be buying/ordering Yoshis Island, and either pokemon Alpha Sapphire or Omega Ruby. This thread is basically for everyone with one to add each other as friends, so we can play together :)

    My Friend Code: 4098 - 5206 - 6712

    Please add me, and make sure to post you friend codes below!

    (P.S. I have owned a 3ds before this one :p)
  2. I was able to buy Pokemon Alpha Sapphire cheap today, and am ordering Yoshis island soon :3 Bump :p
  3. I got a new 3ds XL today (Red super smash bros edition :)

    My new rfiend code is 5086 3667 5568, I'll add you :)

    EDIT: I have super smash bros, pokemon Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire, X and Y
    If you want to play sometime pm me or something :)
  4. Sounds Awesome :)
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  5. 0087-2709-9582
    I play Pokemon and Super dmash bros for 3ds
  6. Never used the friendslist, but why not. Added you guys. My mii's name is kaka :)
    Where do I find my friends code?
  7. When in your friends list, if you hover over yourself you get a friend code on the top screen (at the bottom). i will need it to add you :3
  8. My FC is 2277-6633-4613
    I have Pokémon and just received SSB for Christmas :)
  9. We both need to add each other to be friends :p what is your code?

    Added :) We should play ssb sometime :D
  10. I have both versions of Super Smash Bros.4 and waiting for Mewtwo as DLC. I got The WiiU and Smash Bros 4 for Christmas.
  11. FC: 3067 - 6810 -1364

    Games: Pokemon X, Pokemon OR, Animal Crossing New Leaf (Though I don't play this as much)
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  12. fc:3368-0917-2576
    ssb-pokemon x-pokemon omega ruby
  13. Wait... Is Yoshi's Island actually available for 3ds? On virtual console then?
  14. Oh ok, thank you. So, here you go: 2449-4882-2864. Please everybody feel free to add me :)
  15. I play casually, but recently I've been enticed with Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, other 3Ds games I got are Pokemon X and LOZ: ocorana of time 3d along with regular DS games.

    Here's mah code Daemon: 3540-0287-3313
  16. Yeah, its a remake in 3D with some bonus content :3

    Added :)

    Also added :D

    Added also!
    Just added you as well :3

    And finally I added you :3
  17. Forgot to say, make sure you put in each others codes-so both of you have to put in each others friends code! :3
  18. Wait... Do you mean Yoshi's New Island?
  19. did u heard about mewtwo 2015