Calling all miniboss hunters!

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  1. I have never seen a boss mob. Never. I know, it's sad, I haven't seen a Marlix or Momentus in all my days at EMC. I've wanted to catch one for my whole life, and I really want to. I was thinking, and finding one is easier in numbers. As a result, I thought we could form a small group of miniboss hunters that occasionally go out and try finding minibosses. If you think this is a good idea or want to join, post below and if enough people want to join, I'll start a PM including all members. Thanks :)

    List of Hunters:


    November 11th and 15th (and more)

    10 AM - 3 PM on November 11th
  2. Are you looking in the right places? :confused: Out in the wild/waste enough? Surely you should have seen one by now haha :p
  3. Nope, only at an event where staff actually summon the minibosses...sigh
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  4. i would love to join i have luck when it comes to finding them
  5. Thanks, I have started a list in the OP. Anyone else? :)
  6. I'm down. I've been reading up on the best ways to spawn one.
    Dibs on Marlix's bow. :p
  7. NU! Dibs for me!
  8. despite what mods will tell you, finding certain good spots (i call them nodes) and being patient is the most likely way to spawn one. more people moving around in that area wont help however unless they too are patient and keeping the chunk loaded
  9. I only saw 1 Marlix. And that was with nick5013. He kept the loot.
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  10. I posted this whole long spiel about how to find Momentus and Marlix and I guess it didn't actually post.
    bitemenow15 has the gist of it though. I think his "nodes" are probably just smooth areas or areas at the proper elevation to spawn the monsters. Just a thought though..
    Momentus is supposed to be per player per hour, so if we have 100% of the server in the wastelands there should be one every hour theoretically. I don't think Marlix follows that rule.
    The way enraged spawn it doesn't really matter if you're on the move or standing still I don't think, but if you clear an area and stand still you can spawn them in packs.
  11. Hm that could be a good way to find momentus, but I highly doubt we could convince a whole server to be in wastelands for awhile.
  12. I guess it depends when you play. Sometimes I am the only one online at night. :D

    Still, if we get a big group and pick servers with low numbers, we should be able to get close enough to 100%.
  13. That seems good. At 9-10PM EMC time on SMP9, I only see a maximum of around 10 players.
  14. Bump, shall anyone join our conquest?
    Also, I have listed the date we will be doing this event, unless some of the hunters have conflicts. If so, please post in the thread so I can rearrange hunting time :)
    I'm not sure what time we can do it though, that can be arranged later.
  15. I Am Able To Come If It Is Changed To 4-5PM EMC Time On A Saturday (Preferably Next Saturday)
  16. I actually mixed up the date, it's November 11th instead of 18th. On the 11th is Veterans Day and I have a day of school off, do you have that day off too? Also, I might be able to do 4-5 PM EMC Time on some Saturday if November 11th doesn't work. I'll add you to the list for now :)
  17. umm it is the 8th of november if i'm not mistaken but please do it on a saturday im most likely to come on that day whenever it is.... (i'm in the UK)
  18. I actually meant 11th xD, but I'll change to Saturday I guess.

    EDIT: I'll do a hunt on the 11th and 15th so that I am definitely available on one day.
  19. :D thx
  20. Bump, two more days until the first event! Also, for the people signed up, what time is good for you on the 11th if you can come? Preferably in the range of 10-3PM EMC time so not many people are on.