Calling all Enchanters: Specialty Tool Shop Co-op, Anyone?

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  1. Interested parties -- If you would like to be on this list of vendors, and are not, then please contact me and let me know.

    Vendors signed on:


    Edit: Construction is underway on the Wizard's Tower that will house this (hopefully awesome) specialty enchanted tool shop! Still Plenty of space for new vendors who want in! Come by 5353 on Utopia to see the progress, and reply to this thread or message me if you want in :D

    So, I think it would be a lot of fun to build a specialty shop where people can come to buy enchanted items. The problem is, I just can't produce that many...

    I thought maybe if a few of us enchanting people got together, we could create a cool specialty store where people looking to buy enchanted items could come and browse. (Think Kilmannan's place on 7 -- several sellers working together in harmony to bring their customers what they want :D )

    I have a ton of room on my Utopia lot, and if people think this is a good idea and want to be a part of it, we could build it there. This is totally an idea, not a reality at this point, but let me know if you would like to be involved, and if enough people show interest, we will make it happen!
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  2. Hey, we have that XP Grinder for all the Xp we I'd be glad to help; granted I usually don't get lucky with the enchantments. :cool:
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  3. I think there should be plenty of room for lower and higher levels of enchantment. I want the full range :D
  4. Ahh! So my petty Unbreaking 1 will actually have a use after all! I'm so happy. :)
  5. Now, one question (May be a foolish one, but curiosity answered the question). These items..we are making them all out of Diamond, right? Or will we include some iron tools as well? And we're including armor, right?
  6. We can include whatever. I'm thinking we need an impressive looking building, maybe a tower (?) with lots of circle stone. Or maybe something more open, with lots of ornate furnishings and plenty of decoration.
    Once more people express interest, we can decide amongst ourselves.
  7. How do we make circle stone? I have TONS of cobble from my home in the wilderness. And let us hope for my volunteers!
  8. We don't make it; we buy it. I think it looks really impressive though :)
  9. Ahh, alright. I do enjoy the design of it as well.
  10. Im in,You can check out my simple enchantment shop at 849,SMP1 :)
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  11. Now, I may not be the best buyer for you...I'm somewhat poor. I'll do my best, though.
  12. Oh, no. I'm bankrolling the building of the shop, but I do want input from the people who will be selling there :D
  13. Do you think I should begin with the whole enchanting while you do the design? Or would you rather have everyone you can get for designing. I'm not all good with design.
  14. Yay!
    Well, no building will happen for a couple of days, probably, so go ahead and enchant to your heart's content. I may work up a mock-up design or two for people to decide what they like best.
  15. Well, should I do higher level enchants or lower ones?
  16. You should do whatever you want :D

    I am really loving this Wizard's Tower to base our shop design on. Picture this, only with lots of circle stone instead of the smooth stone. The diamond blocks should definitely stay, though!

  17. Sounds good to me! :D
  18. Update: Construction underway :D
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  19. I'd be really interested in joining in on this, I don't get to enchant a lot of stuff, so nothing like worth my own shop. Not sure how we'd manage restocking though, as the enchants are usually different...
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  20. That's iron blocks. I'm pretty sure I don't have nearly that many iron blocks.

    I don't normally go enchanting stuff, but I buy enchanted picks all the time. :)