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  1. This will be the second and final attempt at this, if this thread goes haywire, I will close this thread down. This time I did a bit of research and found out that the list caden got me was a The graphics card wasn't what I expected as a GTX 980 Ti and the processor was an i5 not an i7. So as I do I changed things around, and it was a bit more expensive, the regular price was over 2,000 dollars, but when I price matched all the items it was just below 2,000. So I am leaving this list and form up to the people who have worked in the computer parts department, or just basically know about it. Instead of commenting on here (You can comment on here if you like, but most of the work will be on forms) , do it on the forms. Drumroll

    Viewable Document list:

    Use this form to comment on all of these parts, maybe add a link to better ones at the same shop. Thank you guys, and let's not have this end up like the last thread ;)

    Some things you guys are missing: Honestly I am WANTING a cool desktop with LEDs and lights that I can control from a computer (if that's possible, if not just have them strobe/flash) , the one I am gonna be set up with (The parts you see here) is going to be expensive, gonna be a FAST and have huge storage, that is why I am going with everything huge with the 500GB solid state and 2TB hard drive. This desktop will evolve later in the years, trust me it will. But right now I want to start off somewhat small, so everthing on this list will just be the very beginning :)

    Now to the part you guys are missing. You guys are doing an excellent job, and I don't mean to spit on your work, but I need this to be very very fast. I don't want to do a biography on my brother because you guys will just criticize him, but he has been working with computers when he was young, Like very young, and he knows more than the geek squad combined, and people actually only do business with computers with him. Other than him being the hairy person he is, he knows a LOT about computers and I usually take insight on most of this stuff. So I use him as a reviewer of your guys' suggestions on the suggested items. Haro, I will switch cases, the mother board is fine, I always find a way for coupons :p and the power supply my brother said was fine, but I want a bigger one, true. So I will look for a somewhat bigger one. Thank you guys :)
  2. Done. :)
    plsdontyellatmeforputtingwhatIput. ;-;
  3. Don't get an SSD. Most of the time, they end up irrationally expensive and you could benefit more from using a second HDD.
  4. Hmm, I'd like to disagree :p

    Although this SSD seems a bit expensive (afaik), they can really improve the snappyness of your computer. What is true though, is that you often can get away with a 128/120 GB SSD, to only house your OS, and a few applications and games. This also does really help with load times.
    (an SSD really helped speed up an old pc of mine)
    (I feel like this post isn't complete, meh)
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  5. No. No.


    No no.

    No nono.


    And last but not least.


    SSDs have been dropping in price rapidly since 2010 and are at the point where they make tons of sense for everyday builds. Their speed is insanely superior to HDDs in sequential reads/writes. Their 4k random read/writes also udderly demolish anything that HDDs can deliver since HDDs have to physically move the arm to the portion of the drive where as an SSD has all the data readily available to be accessed at the same time.

    They are not irrationally expensive. ~$50 (cost of a 1TB HDD) can get you at the very least a 128GB or even a lower end 256GB SSD that will absolutely destroy the HDD in performance.
  6. Or you're like Haro and got a 60GB SSD to tie you over until better ones get cheaper and you are now having partition problems. :p

    I need a bigger one badly lol.
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  7. Submitted most of my thoughts. Build mostly looks great apart from a few things I pointed out.
  8. The graphics card is definitely good, I myself have a nvidia GTX970M graphics card on my MSI laptop. The intel core i7 processor is amazing, I have it in my laptop too. I think you want a bigger power supply though, to match how powerful your GPU and processor are, not sure how that works though. Basically everything you chose is amazing and will run beautifully. I would get two monitors and more space if you are a hardcore gamer, though. Case looks great. I would get dual fans. Just my opinion, though.
  9. Here's my opinion (For the most part) on the matter:
    Yes, I know that an SSD is generally faster and more reliable than an HDD, though I just prefer to use a second HDD as an alternate boot drive/storage system. It is a little bit of extra maintenance while shutting off my computer to prevent data loss and corruption, but I in general just prefer to have two hard drives over one hard drive and a solid state drive.

    Note that this is just my personal preference and I am in no way saying that everyone should operate this way.

    EDIT: Anyway, pardon my ignorance to the matter. As much as I know about computers, I haven't looked much (Well, at all) into the difference between an HDD and an SSD.
  10. Wow, I never seen so many people so passionate about computers...(a.k.a my life)

    Reviewing answers right now from the spreadsheet, reserving this post for the reviews :)

    Reserving Post: Wow guys you all really did follow up on everything, I like what I see. Haro I will definitely take yours into most consideration, also instead of a g-sync I was thinking of a sharp aquos TV (Not the phone like the back-up one I have :p) and the one at the firehouse where I live has gorgeous graphics, and fluid movements, so I might end up getting that other than a g-sync anyway. Great job everyone! Keep at it! Also to point out, haro made an excellent point on the case, being that they are subjective but I got a question for that case, is it possible to shove LEDs into that case? If so, i'm sold.
  11. I have an MSI GE72 2QF Apache Pro
  12. The last time I looked at info on solid state drives, I think the one consideration was that pieces of memory could go bad more easily than having corruption on a HDD. I could be wrong, or remembering incorrectly, or things could have changed in the last couple of years, so please someone else comment regarding this. If this is indeed the case, then backup just becomes more important and the lower costs and faster speed may push you in the direction of SSDs.
  13. Bump for da nerds
  14. Bump, new form BTW! For those who did submit the form, I saw your answers, some changed, some didn't. I am still deciding on the power supply, and the mother board WILL BE an ASUS Sabertooth. All in all this entire list will be over 2,000 dollars. And I seem to have NOT made it clear. This is going to be an Avid gamer's wet dream to have this desktop, it is supposed to be over expensive. Especially having this over powered, and i'm not trying to make this desktop overclocked or superclocked. I'm not aiming for that. So here are the links

    List overview:

    Everything on the forms and list was changed, updating OP with the links as well :)
  15. I would not get that case nor that power supply.

    The power supply is not of fantastic quality (there's more to look at than just the 80+ rating, you have to consider the 12V and 5V rails, quality of capacitors, etc). I recommend a SeaSonic or a SeaSonic rebrand. There's a few exceptions to this but for the most part, SeaSonic has amazing quality.

    I would prefer a case that looks less tacky, the NZXT Phantom looks more like "uber l33t h4xx0r" and less like a serious PC. The Fractal Design Define R4 (or R5) looks much more professional, has great sound proofing with heavy foam on the panels, and is highly regarded in the PC community.

    The last point I have is more of a personal preference thing, but I'd opt for an EVGA 980 Ti vs an MSi one. I prefer the fan design of EVGA and the ACX 2.0 cooler has much improved quality of fan components, in particular the bearings. I can't really speak for the MSi card, though, since I've never owned one before.

    Also a side note - why do you have your heart set on having to get an ASUS Sabertooth board? Overspending on your motherboard is barely ever worth it and usually ends in paying $100+ extra for better looks and slightly better onboard audio.
  16. Now I don't know a lot about Intel (AMD fanboy here) but I've heard good things about that GPU. I think you should bump your PSU. And I would invest in a SSD only for your OS and games that you play often. What I did was get a 128gb SSD and I partitioned it 40/60 to hold my OS, and the other partition to hold COD/CS:GO and other big games. As for regular media you would be fine with a HDD, I have a total of 2.5gb just for music/pictures/movies and it works perfectly. The SSD for OS is important. Without it I wouldn't have a 5 second boot time :)
  17. AMD CPUs are highly behind on IPC (instructions per clock) over Intel. This means that if you have an Intel CPU running at 4.0 GHz, it will not be the same as an AMD CPU running at 4.0 GHz. The Intel CPU will be able to complete a lot more instructions since its architecture is more mature and AMD's Bulldozer architecture (the currently lineup of FX CPUs) is ~5 year old and hasn't received any improvements since.

    The thing that could possibly bring AMD CPUs back on level with Intel's would be the Zen architecture that AMD said they're going to release this year. However, if that architecture can't bring their processors up to IPC with Intel's Skylake architecture (or by that time, Cannonlake/Kabylake), then AMD could very likely die since they've been extremely short on money lately and have had to sell their fabs (they license GlobalFoundries and TSMC to fabricate their chips). It does look promising though, if they can pull it off.
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  18. I agree/disagree. I have the first sabertooth that came out and it has been a monstot for 4 years. It's handled 2 CPU's and 3 different GPU's and not a hiccup. But it is expensive. MSI has come out with some good mobos that are built for Gaming that is at most $150 bucks.
    Here is one to look at-
  19. Asking a motherboard to survive 4 years of use is not a high expectation. Any run of the mill Z97 board should be able to easily last that long, if not much more.