calling all aperture test subjects!

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  1. Hey guys! I recently got portal 2 (beat the first one at my friend's house) and was wondering if anyone would want to play co -op with me. the game is $20 USD but is 75% right now (ends today). Post your steam account names and lets organize some portals!

  2. So it's only five bucks? Too bad my computer can handle nothing... :( I'd love to, but I can't
  3. Bump. went back up to $20 USD.
  4. [APoTF2] Princebee is my account name. What is yours?
  5. Thetrufflehunter
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  6. Where's SparerToaster? He should be all over this.
    I'm penfission on Steam.
  7. I'll add you guys. I also have tf2. Just got the flying guillotine :3
  8. How do you add people again? I feel like such a newb ._.
  9. If you have Steam Premium you can add people, if you have normal Steam, you can only accept FR. To send FR's, just search their name and add them.
  10. Really? Then how did I add my brother..
    Edit: sent one to pen as well, gonna send some to prince, sparer, and you.
    Edit 2: I just sent a friend request to all of pen's friends ._.
    Edit 3: Probably just sent out 40 FRs...
  11. do you have a mic?
    anyways, thesandman... OR minecraftblock. try thesandman first
  12. I think so, why?
  13. cus, I've tried it with mic-less people and it just gets frustraiting
  14. Can you add me? I got TF2 but I don't have a premium account..maybe all of us can play that sometime?

    Xenonrai is my steam account.
  15. FYI, to get premium, you can buy ANYTHING from the TF2 Store.
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  16. I know, but I can't buy anything off the Internet..;(

    Edit: if a friend gifts you a game, you still get premium, am I correct?
  17. think so...
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  19. That would explain it.
  20. i wouldn't have known! :p my steam account is battmeghs.. but my husband is the one with the portal game on his account... because steam is stupid and doesn't let you share things >.<