CakeCo Statue Inc.

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  1. All requests will be replied to within an hour when i get home. Until then, I will pm you about more details.

    Thank you for showing interest in CakeCo Statue Inc.! I hope you enjoy the company and are satisfied with the work done.

    CakeCo Statue Inc. is only one of the several upcoming companies/businesses brought to you by CakeCo Industries. Look forward to future job hiring, donations and charities for other organizations, as well as some drop parties for Grand Openings and celebrations.
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  2. lol k it will take me a little to get the materials so what color wools do u think i will need
  3. All current customers have been sent a PM to gain further details on their orders so that they may be added to the queue.
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  4. Queue has been added to the OP.
  5. job well done my friend sorry it took so long i couldnt keep up with supplying you.. you are definatley good at what you do though fast and realiable +1 rep if there were such a thing ;)
  6. Just one question. In the middle of the statues. Is it dirt or are you using the wool to make it thick?
  7. its hollow ;D i know from experience so you could actually build an entrance through legs if you wanted :p
  8. ohh the statues are hollow? that makes sense
  9. Ahh! Good! Just ow I wanted it... ;)
  10. From what I am thinking. I may order 4 soon...
  11. ill post pictures of my statues tommorow i still need to add crown unless rob did it already :D its pretty awesome these statues are huuuge in person and are just WOW
  12. IGN(In Game Name): S_R_L_B Server(SMP 1-9): smp1 Resident Address(Location to Build Statue): 1258 Number of Statues: 2
    We need one of Mrsmiley99 and one of Me. I will give you further details soon.
  13. Accepted and completed!
    Visit Tehwafflez statues at 2027 on SMP1 :D
  14. Added to the queue :) Will PM for more details
  15. Good service! /\ /\ /\
  16. Getting nice comments before even filling your order, how wonderful! :D
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  17. Fixed the broken picture link in OP.
  18. well there goes my idea of making statues for people :( oh well...

    i just want to put it out there that the first statue made on EMC belongs to me, made in 1.8.1, and that the new herobrine statue (4x as large as normal statues) is finally done!
  19. Will you accept 1000r to build it on my res, you supply materials?
  20. this is completely unrelated but did you make that little 3d thingamajig in your signature? thats really cool!