CakeCo Statue Inc.

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  1. Welcome
    CakeCo Statue Inc.

    What the company does:
    CakeCo builds player statues for anyone! Usually takes 10-20 minutes each!

    How it works:
    Simply fill out the order form below and upon its accepting I will Private Message you to get further detail on when the statue is to be built. You will then give the materials for the statue, and I will begin construction. Upon completion, I will return any unused materials and you will pay me for the statue.*

    *Not paying will result in a Moderator stepping in to take further consequences.

    Size of the statues:
    Each statue is 32 blocks tall, 16 blocks wide, and 8 blocks deep!
    (Note: Arms are included in width, head depth included in depth amount)

    (Pictures taken with Misa 64x64 TexturePack)

    Pricing for statues:
    Each statue will cost you 250 rupees (You provide materials)

    Ordering a statue:
    Please fill out this form to get a statue built by CakeCo.
    IGN(In Game Name):
    Server(SMP 1-9):
    Resident Address(Location to Build Statue):
    Number of Statues:
    Customer : Number of Statues

    333kirby : 3

    CakeCo Statue Inc. Customers:
    PAVI259 located at Resident 6403 on SMP 3
    Tehwafflez located at Resident 2027 on SMP 1
    Machine1997 located at Resident 1797 on SMP 1
  2. Good idea! :D
  3. If you happen to like this idea and/or company, or happen to enjoy the finished product and/or examples, feel free to "Like" my post :)
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  4. Liked.. :D
  5. ill probably do some buisness with you soon :D stay in touch ;). so we have to get you blocks hmm well then i wonder if you could make me a golden block statue :D would be totally pimpin loool
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  6. Can you make a statue of the player?? If so i would really like one
  7. Yepp, thats why you have to include your IGN :)
  8. IGN(In Game Name): PAVI259 Server(SMP 1-9): SMP 3 Resident Address(Location to Build Statue): 6403 Number of Statues: 1 ( Of player, make sure I'm on )Let me make room on my res
  9. Accepted and complete!
    Visit Pavi's statue at /v 6403 on SMP3 :D
  10. :) Great Idea !
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  11. Thanks :3
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  13. Lowered the price from 400 to 300 rupees.
  14. ill order 4 i just changed my skin today so i need to get some different supplies ill show you where i want them and stuff pm me ill be on around ehh 1-3pm cst and ill give u perms then oh btw do i pay after or b4 they are done?
  15. I will be sending you a PM with details. :)
  16. could u make a small model of a soldier in green? also is there a limit on how many u will make?
  17. If you can find a soldier skin, send me the link. I'm completely horrible at making actual sculptures, but I will have no problem making the full size skin statue.
  18. IGN(In Game Name): 333kirby
    Server(SMP 1-9): SMP2
    Resident Address(Location to Build Statue):4317
    Number of Statues: 3
  19. k i think i have decided on zombie skin
    and how many blocks does it take to make 1? i am thinking about ordering 30? dont know if you'd be willing but if so there would be a good bonus at the end:)
  20. 30 is doable. It takes i believe 15 stacks of material per statue.