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Residence Chat: Coloured or White

Coloured 59 vote(s) 78.7%
White 16 vote(s) 21.3%
  1. ^ Vote up there please, every vote counts. :) ^

    Prepare for Jack moaning. You have been warned.

    Okay, Aikar, I know this was your doing. In the past, I've used /rc for announcements for events and stuff. It's purple colour was the reason it was used mainly. Not because it was bound to your current residence, but because it stood out.

    Now, today I logged in and got a lovely message saying it was now /c r. Great! Finally it works like a proper channel. I switch to it to test something, and boy I was disappointed. The purple colour it was had been replaced with the normal, boring white.

    Now to me, /c r is now pointless. It's identical to local chat, give or take the range. Sure, change the colour from purple to another colour to prevent admin impersonation or whatever, but keep it standing out. I honestly see either residence or local chat dying out in town now, because of this silly change.

    So yeah, community: residence chat. Coloured or white?

    EDIT: Also, slight messup with the change. If you're in residence chat and use /c who, you appear on the list. This doesn't happen for any other channel.
  2. It doesn't need to be the same Color as Admins; but I think it should have some color to it...
  3. I agree, it should at least HAVE a color, such as a blue/red idc what color, but to make it stand out. I try to make announcements now and people mistake it for Local Chat. It's very annoying.
  4. This is the same reason I don't use local chat much. Its too bad you can't form dynamic chat groupings like in some other games. The color made it stand out.

    Having to choose between your chat being drowned out by Town chat or having to juggle multiple PM's is like deciding which finger to poke your eye with. Either way is going to be unpleasant.
  5. I know how thats feels I'm always doing about 5 pms at a time lol gets tiring after awhile. Also i think it might have change to Blue like this R: "username" blah blah blah.... put might been something else
  6. Honestly, we didn't even intend for RC to be a chat. I personally thought we should have gotten rid of it all together, but some people said they like it, so, we fixed it to be like the other chats with a colored icon next to it. I personally think Local should be good enough as it's easy to step off the res and miss some of the RC chat.

    However, we've had requests for each of the channels to get changed a different color at some point. Trust me, I've seen the multi-color rainbow chats and they aren't as pretty as they sound. If we changed one chat, we'd have to change them all, because there's no reason one channel is really any more special than the other in that respect.
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  7. I completely agree with you, every channel being a different colour is downright ugly. I've been on a server which used every colour and it just gave me a headache.

    But this isn't every channel. This is residence chat. Over the duration of it actually being used it was purple, and we all got used to that. Just because it was purple then didn't mean every other channel had to be coloured. Because of it's colour, be gave it it's own uses, such as announcements for events in reses, or the auction holders text in auctions.

    So, I'm not asking for something new, I'm asking for what we all knew and love back.
  8. Well, not everyone actually loved it, haha. I'm personally not a fan of colorful chat lines in the chat. I think they're more distracting than helpful. We got a few requests to remove the color as well from that reason. People said they didn't mind people using RC in their res, just that it took away from all other chat they were trying to have due to the color.
  9. Its funny though doing /rc and then going to a new player saying your admin in disguise then there like "Woah! Really? i wont tell!!" and then going "not really but welcome to EMC :D"
  10. I respect your opinion and get your reasoning. I'm just going to watch the poll, I think a pretty clear answer is emerging already...
  11. yeh ... me for instance, i had trouble reading the purple chat, i think that sticking with white is easier to read (which i believe is what comes first, is how well it is to be read) :D
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  12. As ICC said, many do not like the color and prefer white.

    I basically redid Residence chat to be in the EMC chat code instead of in Residence, so it loses its color.
    If we bring colors back, it should be an optional "opt-in" feature.

    The main reason for the change now is that previously, /rc was an unsupported feature we didn't really knew existed until the players found out about it... and therefor it was not logged.

    So I switched it over to our Empire Chat system so it integrates directly with the same style as the rest of empire chat, and we can provide and clean and consistant chat experience to the players.

    If players really would love to have colors, we can add that back in a future update for all channels to have their own color, then players can optionally turn that on if they want, but it is not right to force people to have colors on, as I surely know that the old RC really frustrated me seeing my screen filled with a color, distracting me from reading Town chat.

    TLDR: Colors may come back, but not right now - immediate change was needed to bring RC in accordance with our style and logging, and we are far too busy with other things to work on upgrading the Empire Chat system to support colored messages.
  13. Minecraft already has a colour opt-in system under "chat options", although a separate Empire one would be good too. I'm not asking for forced colour, just for it to be accessible for those who wish to use it.
  14. Also -- Residence chat is not pointless. It gives you a secure chat channel for groups to chat together. People can set -move on their residence and then chat together and have pretty good confidence no one else (besides staff) is listening in.

    What if your neighbors in town were foreign players who constantly chatted to each other in another language? It could get annoying for the same reasons we ask foreign languages to not use Town chat.

    Now they can use a more secluded channel that won't bother the neighbors either.
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  15. Also, it's extremely likely to come back regardless of the poll results -- It's just there is higher priority items than adding a tiny "feature request", however leaving it alone was not an option either since it wasn't logged before.

    We've already caught players saying bad things in Res Chat. It'll likely come back, as I'm all for tiny little options, it's just not ideal to add it at this time.
  16. Haha - exactly why me and itsmematheus will use it - so we can speak in Portugu├ęs ... and not worry about having to translate to English :D
  17. How about just making it Blue like the R is :)
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  18. Check this guys
    This was in the space of ten seconds I left 5 seconds later 2012-07-18_20.13.17.png
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  19. I have asked for the leaving of channels to be re-implemented so that you can be in one single channel. That way you wont loose track of the res chat. But yes I agree, a colour for it would be MUCH better. maybe not purple, what about light green?
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  20. Your point is? - That's not what Residence Chat would look like - It'd be one colour extra colour (We already have more colours then I can see on that screen)

    It's clear from the Poll results it's a wanted thing back into the game.