[Buying] Wool, wool, wool!

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  1. For a project, i need LOTS of white wool, and i need it FAST. If you would like to supply me with some, please either tell me in game, below this thread, or in a PM :)
  2. Roughly how much white wool?
  3. Hmmm....
    Right now, i would need AT LEAST 1 DC (Maybe more, not too sure)
  4. Hm…I can probably get that done in 2 days if I spend most of my time doing that.
    Well, I'll do it. Res delivery?
  5. Smp5, 10767.
    I'll set up an access chest and talk to you about price tomorrow
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  6. My wool on 1145 smp1 5 = 1 R all collars and a fun park FREE 1145
  7. Access chests are set up.
    I was thinking, since you have access to two single chests, 2-3k per chest?
  8. You don't have white wool available in your shop....
  9. Try my shop on smp 1, res 432. I should have at least a single chest in stock.
  10. I don't have move for the residence
  11. LOL
  12. I was thinking 1r per wool block, so 3456r total?
  13. ohh... my mistake. I had disabled it for some rebuilding projects I still work on, try now :)
  14. Deal good sir, i'll pay later today since i am going on a road trip back to my home :3
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