[buying] TONS OF ITEMS /v 2016

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  1. Hey all! Some of you may have heard that I'm building a mall and that I'm going all out on it. :)
    Please help me by taking my money and supplying the resources that will make up my mall!

    (1) Glass - 8,640r / DC
    (1) DC of each color of Wool - 5,832r / DC (need black, grey, silver, brown, lime, purple)
    (1) Diamond - 414,720r / DC
    (3) Lapis Block - 342,144r / DC
    (3) Lapis Lazuli - 38,016r / DC
    (2) Quartz Flake - 48,384r / DC
    (4) Quartz Block - 199,800r / DC
    (1) Gold Ingot - 48,384r / DC
    (1) Glowstone - 35,640r / DC

    **(#) = amount of DCs needed

    If you're interested in any promos from here I'm willing to trade promos for these items. :)
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  2. I may have some quartz laying around. I will see whats left after I get home! ;)
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  3. I have a DC of glowstone for ya. What res is this on?
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  4. Go to smp8 /v +market, great price on building blocks.
  5. Sold SC worth of lapis and 18 stacks of quartz blocks. Glad to take ur moneys.
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  6. 1 DC of Quartz Blocks for the 20 vault vouchers?
  7. Sorry I actually didn't update that part of the thread, no longer have 20 vault vouchers left. :(
  8. Sold a lot:)
    Thanks for letting me take your money:p
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  9. Thanks to everyone who has sold me items so far. Still need lots more :p
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  10. Aww, oh well. Thanks anyways :)
  11. I said thank you in the earlier post but I really would like to thank everyone who sold items to me, I really appreciate all your efforts to gather the resources and provide them to me. :) You guys really blew it out of the park with the quartz and diamonds especially. :p

    I still REALLY need lapis. Lapis is the main block of the mall and although people sold me a lot of it, I still need more!!

    And list updated BTW. :)
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  12. 3 DCs of glass for Egg wand and Holiday candle?:D
    If not I'll just sell them to you;)
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  13. Its my birthday today, come sell me some lapis? :)
  14. Happy birthday! I'll check my storages !
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  15. Happy Birthday!!! I think I may have a few stacks of lapis blocks. I'll check later to see what I have to sell.
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  16. Put your price up for lapis block, and you may receive more.
  17. Scroll up to the top of the post and show the spoiler...
    Edit: It's called list of items.