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  1. So, over the last 2 days I have done 2 different buy threads and don't want to spam the buying section so I am making this thread of things I am buying. Once I am no longer buying said item I will update the thread but won't have it closed so I can update it again when I am buying something else :p.

    I am buying the following, all prices can be negotiated via pm:
    • Cornflowers 16 for 32r (2r each)- buying up to 1DC at this time
      • Sell them at res 5717 on utopia, if you wish to sell in bulk pm me
    • String 2,000r/DC- buying up to 1DC
      • PM me to sell (only pm if have atleast 1SC to sell)
      • Alternatively, if you have the location of two cave spider spawners (or more than 2) that are within distance of eachother to trigger bother of them at the same time- on an smp that is not 6 or 8, and are willing to sell the coordinates of the location to me shoot me a PM. As a disclaimer, a link to the post detailing the sale of spawners is required to be linked. See here. Spawners must be located in the wild not the wastelands.
    This is all that I am buying at this moment in time. Thanks!
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  2. I can get you the sea lanterns, send over payment and set up pickup on one of your reses and I can get it over asap
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  3. Paying momentarily- pickup will be setup on res 5717 (utopia) when you spawn in :). Thanks!
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  4. Bump- upped the price that I will pay for cocoa beans. Still need everything in the OP. :)

    edit: Also added a price for string
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