[BUYING] Tall Grass + Tall Fern

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  1. Greetings, I have yet another wacky request!

    I am looking to buy a Stack of Tall Grass + Tall Fern

    You may think this is an easy task, just sheer it and you got one! But it is not that simple. The only method I have found to get these in survival is to find them in Village chests, (Savannah for Grass, Taiga for Ferns)

    I am willing to pay a handsome amount for any amount you are able to find and sell me!
    Private Message me on the Website or In-Game if you have any you'd like to sell me!

    Good luck to you all!

    Current Amounts:
    Tall Grass: 7/64
    Tall Fern: 0/64
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  2. I thought I had found a bug or something cause I have 1 that I found in a chest.
    So these are new and are added by Mojang as a thing? Wild. Good to know.
  3. Are you planning to place them? Because I believe that you can use bonemeal to turn regular grass and ferns into tall grass and ferns. :)
  4. I require them for my item storage/sorting system
  5. The item of the two-tall grass is, to the best of my knowlege, not currently optainable in survival minecraft. Not even silk touch shears, an unoptainable item I do own, are able to get two-tall grass from the block: they make the block drop two normal grass items.
    All two-tall grass items you do own are probably either gliched in, or from a version of minecraft in which they did drop.

    EDIT: Turns out they are optainable via the chest loot of savanna villages. I din't think about that
  6. nope. Looks like that is incorrect. They are valid survival items.
    Only obtainable as loot from village chests. (although that link did not give what version that came from, but we know it must have been post 1.12 and this was my cursory google on how to get them)
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  7. Incorrect, I have recently looted the 7 "Tall Grass" from Savanna Chests.

    It's under the "From chest loot" section.

    They are 100% obtainable in survival, just really rare.
  8. Ah, alright then. I edited my post. I did look through the wiki, but aparently glosssed over it... My bad...
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