[BUYING] String, redstone, wood (any kind)

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  1. Hello everyone!

    I'm in need of a large amount of the following items:

    - String
    - Redstone
    - Wood (any kind, preferably logs, and mostly oak and birch)

    If you have some of these items, preferably single chests or more, please pm (or reply below) me with the amount and a price. :)


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  2. Tom, I can sell you a few DCs of logs. PM me.
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  3. PM sent! :)


    I'm still looking for string and redstone! Is there anyone who sells those? :)
  4. How much redstone you need and thoughts on price?
  5. I (eventually) want/need more than a double chest of redstone blocks. As for price, I don't really know :p Do you have a suggestion?
  6. Still looking, mostly for redstone now! :)
  7. :) (still looking for mostly redstone :))
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  9. Bump! Still looking for more (mostly) redstone! :D
  10. Bump! Still looking for more (mostly) redstone! :D
  11. Bump! Still looking, and still for mostly redstone. :)
  12. Bump. Still interested in mostly redstone. :)