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  1. Here is the list of staff heads I am purchasing:

    Senior Staff -


    Moderator -


    DEV -


    If you are interested in selling any of these staff heads, please send me a PM. Thank you!

  2. RIP trying to get Simons, satan never drops his head :p
  3. Yeah I know, I just listed it because I didn't have it. lol Gonna have to fake one for my display :p
  4. Good luck on getting an Anon head, as i don't even have one :(

  5. Just put a pigman head in his place & you are peachy
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  6. Honestly toade, many of them will sell you their heads or give you one. I mean, you are one of them. My collection also includes retired staff... (so much harder to come by lol!). Davie's head doesnt have many in circulation (atleast there werent many when I bought mine... paid like 150-200k for it...). I believe I bought my Dramanya head from another player fairly cheap.

    I believe Effin (Darkmod) and Manchildie sell theirs upon request...

    Hope this might help your quest :). GL.
  7. Davies head is worth around 1.5million now ;-; RIP. Rather just fake it for free to be honest. Oh lord and good luck trying to get a Toade head, I hear he never gives them out ;-;
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  8. Truth. I tried for months :p Still waiting on the sig Mr. Evil :p
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  9. Dang it. Why must I be so forgetful?! WHY KLONED WHY!
  10. May I ask if you have the rest of the staff heads?
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  11. Breezy sells his head for I believe 150k. On his res :)
  12. ima annoy iamcavie till he gives me one ;)
  13. Yes. The heads I listed are the only ones I need. I will be buying breezys on his res tonight. So I will mark that one off after I get it.
  14. Seems he has since increased his selling price to 250k. :confused:
  15. Wow, you really got the rest that's not listed?

    You're doing real good :)
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  16. My misstake then :oops:
  17. Its ok. :)
  18. I figured you staffies would just trade heads with each other like some secret society. :D
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  19. I thought that as well.
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  20. I'm certainly not opposed to that, however, I like to get them through the economy first. Granted the chances of a staff member selling or trading my head is pretty slim, but if I were to trade with all the staff, I would triple the total amount of my heads that are out there currently. If that makes sense.