Buying Spawn Residence For GOOD $$$$$

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  1. Hello! I am looking for a spawn residence (not diagonal, has to be touching spawn) on either:

    - SMP1 (I prefer a residence on SMP1 - Any SMP1 owners, hit me up!)

    - SMP8

    - SMP9

    If you are a spawn residence owner on any of the above SMPs, please PM me immediately about the possible sale of your residence. I am offering a cash + item offer worth deep in the 7 digits! ;)

    I am also willing to pay moving fees to relocate your current structure, if applicable.

    Even if you see that I already bought a spawn res, still message me about selling yours! I'm totally willing to buy multiple residences for the project I have in mind! :)

    Cash portion of the offer is not to exceed 1.2 million rupees. Item portion of the offer is completely negotiable :)

    >>>>> CLICK HERE TO PM ME! <<<<<
  2. Not sure how much you are actually willing to pay, but I turned down a 3.5 mil offer for my res, so you would probably have to pay more than that, assuming you don't want a corner one.
  3. SMP7 or 8? I also got a 3.5m offer for my res some time ago
  4. my smp8 one
  5. I will message you shortly!
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  7. The hard part is that most of them are either inactive/left but still have perm. derelict voucher active, want alot of money for the lot or plan to do something in the future *whispers* they are allllllways planning. So sometimes its not easy to get ahold of people
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  8. Pet peeve #nth

    When people hoard coveted residences for literally years because they're "planning". Generally speaking they are probably never going to do anything and the nice residence will be wasted forever.

    JustinGuy's residence on SMP1 is also a huge waste of space. He got his own monument on a 120x120, AND he gets argueably the most iconic location on EMC forever as well. Pisses me off.
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  9. Would you have made that statement if ICC occupied that space?
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  10. Except... you wouldn't be able to be pissed off about him having the most iconic location on EMC if he didn't make EMC? I mean I feel ya about your first statement and it irks me a little as well, but the second seems a tad redundant.
  11. Yes, but only if he also had a monument like JustinGuy. If they have a huge monument which is a duplicate of their residence, they don't need the residence and another eager builder should build on that space. Whether it's JustinGuy or Billybob82 or ICC or whoever, if they have their own monument which is a dupe of their res, they don't need the res anymore.
    If somebody has a 120x120 monument on an SMP already, they don't need another residence just for lols.