[Buying] Second chance book, no idea on price though :/

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  1. Hi gang!

    I'm not much of a promo hunter in that I try to buy stuff, but there are some items which quite intrigue me and spark my interest. When I learned of Empire Fireworks I just had to get more (new years); also because the 2012 version was one of the first "official" promo items. Maybe I should hunt for 4th of July too, I dunno ;)

    Right now I'm wondering if there's anyone around who would like to sell their 2nd chance book to me?

    Why? Same reason I got the full Newyears Eve fireworks: "because". It intrigues me, it would complete my book collection (new players guide & getting started guide) so yeah... Obviously I'm not anxious to getting myself banned, so I prefer this approach ;)

    I have no idea about price, but would 5k sound fair? (open to discussion).

    Also: feel free to PM me if you'd like to remain anonymous. You have my word that your past stays between us. I don't care if you got banned; if the staff gave you a second chance then that's that: the past is the past and should not be held against you.

    And who knows: maybe the 5k can help you get started a bit...
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  2. PM Sent
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  3. Things have been sorted out, so I'm going to request the thread to be closed.
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  4. If you're confused, Kloned got banned for kloning people
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  5. Truth.
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  6. I should have gotten one when I was perma banned.

    I didn't
  7. These aren't sent out after every ban it was at a certain time after some drama about 2 years ago they gave this out to banned players I'll try to find the post
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