[Buying] Quartz

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  1. Well, im buying 37 stacks of quartz blocks, PM me if you can sell me some by tomorrow (im doing this before bed so Ill answer when I wake)
  2. anyone?
  3. what the price your max ?
  4. max I can go is 14 per block
  5. I can sell a DC of flakes for 20736 no budging take it or leave it PM me.
  6. That's 24r per block, that's more expensive than most stores
  7. As of now, I need 1440 blocks
  8. Tomvanwijnen have a DC spreek him
  9. Spreek? ^_^
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  10. Oop spreak
  11. Spreak? ^_^

    Pretty sure you mean "Speak to him" not spreak :p
  12. Yes chat i'm say 'spreak'' I translate all if Google translate and I make spelling errors