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  1. So I think I want to be a collector of promos now :] If you have any EMC promo PM me or comment a serious price for it, but remember I'm just starting so I'm trying to conserve my money to get all of the promos. ( Still learning prices, but checking with others so don't try any funny business ;) )
  2. I'll sell you a Turkey Slicer for 16k, a Haunted Head for 9.5k, a Labor Bench for 7k, an unused Saltar for 17k, an Iday Firework for 14k, and the Iday Empire Firework for 15k. I believe that these are reasonable prices.
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  3. Why don't you make a list of what you want and what your paying for it?
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  4. I want everything! And I don't know prices too well, so don't want to throw everyone off by my unknown prices.
  5. I will sell a turkey slicer for 15k!
  6. Bump!
    Looking mainly for a normal dragon poop, bday vouchers, and other small things! But anything will do!
    ** Not buying turkey slicers for more than 10k or buying promo horses besides Rudolph atm.
  7. i have a bday voucher
  8. Want this crappy labor bench for 6500?
  9. I'll buy
    i just got off, I'll buy though
  10. #Willsellastarterset! But really I will for 2k
  11. I'll sell you rudolph for 20k
  12. Wat is a bday voucher?
  13. I can do a haunted head for 8k