MASSIVE RARES SALE - iHaro's Collection!

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  1. First off, no, I'm not going to quit the rares/promos market. I just thought that for some of these I have way more than I would ever need or want, and I really wanted to break 1,000,000 rupees so here's my attempt lol.


    5x Stable Voucher
    4x ICC Voucher
    1x 2012 EMC Firework
    2x 2013 iDay Firework
    1x Incitatus (Unused)
    1x Used Incitatus
    Speed - 130
    Jump - 80
    HP - 21

    1x Used Valens
    Speed - 82
    Jump - 64
    Health - 34

    1x Dragon Poop (Normal, not Super)
    16x Turkey Slicer (Unused)
    6x Haunted head
    64x Gunpowder Haunted Candy
    64x Bone Haunted Candy
    64x Rotten Flesh Haunted Candy
    48x Enderpearl Haunted Candy
    1x Beacon
    1x Used Rudolph
    Speed - 120
    Jump - 95
    HP - 30
    1x Holiday Pick (Unused)
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  2. So are you wanting us to make offers ?
    If so, will you want pms or in this post?
  3. Yeah, offers mainly. PMs or posts don't matter; it's whichever you find convenient really.
    PM'd you.
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  4. Ill buy the dragon poop depending on
  5. I'm looking for 30k for it.
  6. How much for an ICC voucher?
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  7. PM'd you in game.
  8. I need the 2013 firework, how much?
  9. I sold it already, only got the iDay & 2012 EMC left.

    Sold dragon poop.
  10. How much for 1 used Incitatus? Doesn't matter which one
  11. They both have a pretty darn high jump stat for being Incitatus. I'd ask 15k.
  12. How much for the emc firework?
    and what is an ICC voucher exectly ._.
  13. Save the first one for me, I'll pay later today when I log on :)
  14. Sure thing.

    Also, dragon poop is still for sale as the buyer ran into some conflicts :)
  15. How much then for the 2012 one?
  16. 38k. Also it's a renamed color piece of paper that ICC gave out on his birthday cake parkour event.
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  17. Ill give you 15k for 2012 firework
  18. I'm not desperate to sell any of this.. If you're wanting to turn a profit with me it's not happening. Offers like this one will be disregarded :)
  19. jeez im sorry...i dont know how much fireworks are worth so i just made and offer
  20. For the 2012 firework, I'd want at least 35k since I know where I can sell it for 34k. Sorry if I came off rude.