[BUYING] Promos and Rare Items

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  1. Unfortunately I doubt 230k is going to get you very far :(

    It will probably get you the 60k armour
  2. I have an orebuster for sale on 6403 for 105k.
  3. i'm at school atm, ill go look at that later pavi. I might have enough money after a current deal I am working on, so if i do, i will buy the pick.
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  4. I can sell an ore buster for 100k
  5. ill contact you after my big deal is finished. keep it for me.
  6. would you take a kinda used feather fallllllling boots? they've been used like only 2 times
  7. I can sell the fireworks you need
  8. I have a used Incitatus and a Freedom Blade if you'd like. :)
  9. I am buying only unused items. I will not be buying until I finalize a deal with another player, but keep all offers open.
  10. 2012 firework off the list, thanks kevdudeman!
  11. I have each horse haunted head and emc cakes
  12. Which cake? I only need the 2013 one and I only have enough rupees to buy one horse. I have 47k
  13. ok scratch the cake then
  14. currently buying used rudolph