Buying orebuster!

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  1. Hey guys! I am buying a orebuster! PM me if you have one or know where I can buy one at a good price!
  2. 9001 sells OreBusters, you might want to check it out. :)
  3. I did :) your prices are a little high
  4. Your thread and this thread were both in the recents, so I thought I'd unite the two of you.
  5. Funny it looks a lot like the one I just mentioned 52 minutes before you. :p
  6. Huh? It's not though, right?
  7. Oh wow! Two ore busters on auction. :p Sorry, my bad.
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  8. I'm also selling them at /v 4005 promos
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  9. I paid 125K for mine, which I actually use instead of merely sticking in an item frame. I only use it on diamond ore, and it produces ~3.3 diamonds per block, if I remember correctly. Assuming 72 rupees per diamond and 6,114 uses due to it being Unbreaking 3, it will earn me 1.45 million rupees (all I need is the ore!). Pretty good ROI.
  10. I think you are off by a factor of 10 in your calculation. :p

    Unless you are counting all the diamonds you get from a diamond ore as the value, which is not right. You would get at least one with any iron/diamond pickaxe, 1.33 with Fortune I or higher, 1.75 with Fortune II or higher, 2.2 with Fortune III or higher, 2.67 with Fortune IV or higher, or 3.14 with Fortune V.

    All you can really count is the difference between Ore Buster and the nearest alternative available. If you have a Holiday Pick, 3.14 - 2.67 = 0.47 diamonds per ore. If you don't have a Holiday Pick, then add the value of the Holiday Pick (~45-50k). A diamond pickaxe lasts 1,562 uses, and with Unbreaking 3 you have on average 3 times the uses, or 4,686.

    If you want to use 72r, it's fine, even though the price of diamonds could fluctuate below that. Then the value would be:
    0.47 diamond/use x 4,686 uses x 72r/diamond = 158,524r.
    If you don't have a holiday pick, make it 208,524r.

    Now, this is idealized. Keep in mind Ore Buster is not soulbound. I wouldn't bring it into the wild mining with you (if that's what you plan to do), because one stupid death in lava and there goes your investment. So tack on the time to break the ores separately and the inventory space to hold diamonds as well as ores (because you need them to make new pickaxes). Be careful you don't accidentally use the uses on something else (due to lag or misclick or greedy AutoSwitch). And be sure you actually end up using it all in the end (before you quit playing or mining).

    It's still a good investment, but not as good as you're making it out to be.
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  11. Based on Dinthar's numbers, a regular Unbreaking 3, Fortune 3 pick is worth almost a million Rupees: 72r * 6114 uses = 440208r According to Wiki, Fortune 3 potentially adds 120%, so 440208r * 2.2 = 968457.6r.

    Based on Azoundria's: 72r * 4686 = 337392r , times 2.2 = 742262.4r.

    When these were originally being sold for 6k, no could tell me what Fortune 5 or whatever it has on it would do. 300% yield based on Dinthar's experimentation. I doubted the 6k value of a pick you can't even repair then compared to a pick that yields half as much, yet is common and can be repaired forever and I find it baffling that it is considered of any value besides as a collector's item now.
  12. I'm not calculating the incremental improvement between an Ore Buster and other picks, I'm comparing the cost of the pick to the possible return. You can buy the pick for 125,000r. You can mine more than 1,400,000r in diamonds, given my assumptions. That's a considerable return on investment.

    I appreciate all your math, but that's not what I was talking about.
  13. I'm afraid I haven't communicated very clearly. Fortune 3 is easy to get, so it's VALUE is whatever the average fortune 3 pickaxe you can buy or make is. These usually can go around 3000-5000 rupees or you can enchant your own. Value is a separate concept heavily influenced by supply and demand. In this case there are many alternatives to buying a Fortune 3 Unbreaking 3 pickaxe.

    The RETURN ON INVESTMENT is the benefit you receive from using it compared to the alternatives. If your best alternative is a diamond pickaxe without enchantment, the return is an extra 1.2 diamonds on average, per diamond ore you mine. This return happens automatically as you mine diamond ores with no additional cost.

    The reason the return on investment is not 2.2 diamonds per ore is because no matter what you will get 1 diamond per ore. The fortune III pickaxe gives you an extra 1.2 diamonds. So in this case the return on investment of enchanting a fortune III unbreaking III diamond pickaxe with 72r/diamond would be:
    1.2diamond/use x (1,562use/pickaxe x 3pickaxe/unbreaking) x 72r/diamond = 404,870r.

    Again, that doesn't mean a Unbreaking 3 Fortune 3 is worth 404,870r. It just means that if you were to use a Fortune 3 Unbreaking 3 in place of a normal Unbreaking 3 pickaxe when mining diamonds, and sold each extra diamond for 72r, you would be 404,870r richer. The main reason that Fortune 3 Unbreaking 3 is worth a lot less is because it can be easily obtained.

    If you want to compare purchasing a Fortune III Unbreaking III to using your own non-enchanted diamond pickaxes, the return is slightly higher. Because you are mining with the new pickaxe, you now no longer need 3 regular pickaxes. In other words, without the new pickaxe you would have spent the equivalent of 650r in 3 pickaxes.

    Thus, the return of investment of purchasing a Fortune III Unbreaking III and using it to entirety only on diamond ores would be our return from above, plus an additional 650r. So 405,520r. In summary, this is a very good investment.

    Perhaps I misunderstand what you are calculating the return on investment for. If you were contemplating not mining at all versus mining with an Ore Buster, then you would be right. But your costs in this case would also be the mining time, transportation time, any additional tools/supplies you used to mine, etc... So a lot more than you paid for the Ore Buster.

    But as I understand it, you already have a mining operation and if you didn't use an Ore Buster, you would use a different pickaxe to do that same mining. Hence, that's the alternative I considered.
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  14. You're putting too much meaning into a simple statement about the cost of a Fortune 5 pick versus the value of the number of diamonds it will get you. That's why your iron pick example is silly - it's framed as a response to your misinterpretation of what was said.

    If you want to compare a Fortune 3 pick (say, 2,200r) to a Fortune 5 pick (125,000r), the Fortune 5 pick pays for itself at ~500 diamond ore, Fortune 5 net income exceeds Fortune 3 net income at ~1,500 diamond ore, and the Fortune 5 pick will net ~367,000 more rupees over its life than the Fortune 3 pick. Once you've passed the point where Fortune 5 income exceeds Fortune 3 income, you need to mine three diamond ore with the Fortune 3 for every two diamond ore you mine with the Fortune 5 to keep up. That's the value of the Fortune 5 pick over the Fortune 3 pick. The value of an Ore Buster isn't just that it gets you more diamonds, it's that it gets you more diamonds faster.
  15. It's fine as long as you understand what I'm saying and wont try to buy an Ore Buster for half a million rupees or even 250,000r, because that would be a bad investment.
  16. I've explained the math behind it. 250,000r would make sense over a long enough of a period of time; 500,000r would not.
  17. 250,000r would not make sense because you could buy a holiday pickaxe as an alternative. I don't think you considered that option in your calculation.
  18. I'm not going to bother to do the math, but there would still be a point where the Ore Buster started producing a better profit more quickly. The Holiday Pick may have a higher unbreaking level (I don't recall), but there's still a sizable number of ore you'd need to find to ever realize it.
  19. You don't have to do any math because that's the math I already did and the point I already found.