[buying] Ore busters + Spawn Res

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  1. Looking to buy an adjacent spawn res (any server except 4) for around 1 mil.

    Buying ore busters at 300k+ per - need 30ish!

    Take all my money please!
  2. whats wrong with smp 4?:D
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  3. i might be selling mine at the end of the year on smp6 if everything goes according to plan
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  4. What does the spawn res thing mean?
  5. A "spawn residence" is a residence that is near the town spawn.
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  6. Oh, got it :)
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  7. Hey simx you still buying ore busters?
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  8. I might get a spawn res(not telling how) are you still buying?
  9. yes he is
  10. I don't think so... I mean, he's left EMC, why would he still be buying things? >.>
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  11. You know I was kidding XD
  12. Post boosting again :confused:
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  13. My point exactly
  14. right lol
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  15. I may sell one on utopia, that is if you want a utopian.