[Buying] Netherite Ingots 4k each

Discussion in 'Buying' started by DreamyFeather, Jan 15, 2021.

  1. Buying Netherite Ingots each for 4,000r.

    Buying Netherite Scrap each for 1,000r.

    Buying Ancient Debris each for 1,000r.

    buy chest is at /v 14512 right in front of you when you get there.

    Can pm me if you are selling a lot to me at once.

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  2. Bump, buying Netherite Scraps as well.
  3. Bump, added a chest for ancient debris as well.
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  4. rip ill sell some to you sometime
  5. dont bump so often
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  6. every 12 hours is not so often
  7. Comment Bump
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  8. Bump, able to buy more.