[Buying] Name Tags!

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  1. I'm wondering if anyone has a shop that sells, or is willing to sell me Name Tags at a reasonable price! I don't know what they normally go for, So if someone could tell me (Please don't take advantage of poor uneducated me DX !) That would be awesome! I was thinking it would probably be somewhere around 350-400r per tag since they're somewhat rare? I', not sure how accurate that is tho :p

    That's about it :D

    Have a panda on a rocking horse since I have nothing else to really say.

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  2. You're going to see a wide range on prices of these. People who do a lot of fishing or dungeon-raiding have sold them as low as 350 or so in the past. Unfortunately, most of those can't keep in stock. For those of us without a steady supply, they tend to hover up quite a bit higher. My shop has 10 in stock, but that's only because I'm selling them at 800 a piece.
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  3. When I was helping monitor prices at budhas mall we were selling them (about six months ago) for 1k each and couldn't keep them in stock.
  4. Ah, alright, I see... Thank you both very much :D!
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  5. I noticed that you've been on the Empire for quite a while, so you probably know this, but just to make sure: you are aware of eggification, right? So: right clicking a mob with a stick to get the egg, which then allows you to rename the egg using an anvil. It's a lot cheaper than having to rely on nametags.

    It'll also last longer because the moment you need to move your animals they'll keep their names.
  6. I'll sell my ~5 for 600r each for you, I'm not usin en!