[Buying] Marlix armor

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  1. Welp, I've gone back to being too lazy to smp hop and hunt for Marlix again, so...

    Looking to buy/trade Marlix armor.
    1 Marlix helm
    1 Marlix tunic
    1 Marlix leggings
    1 Marlix boots

    PM me offers and we'll see what we can do :3
    Will trade you valuable promos :3
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  2. I have Marlix Helm And Leggings.
  3. started a PM with you
  4. bump
    Still looking for full set.
    Will buy pieces separately.

    I have a Gold Supporter Voucher I'm willing to trade for 3 pieces of Marlix armor (I'll add in some rupees, too).

    I can also trade Gold Supporter Voucher + Momentus Toothpick for the Full Marlix Armor set (plus some rupees because my trade to you is worth a little more)
  5. Bump

    Will trade vouchers (vault, stable, gold supporter) and/or Momentus Toothpick for the whole set :D
  6. Bump!
    Currently working out a deal for the Chestpiece and Leggings.

    Still looking for the Helmet and Boots.
    Still have valuables to trade for them! :D
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  7. Bump

    Still have lots of valuables to trade for the Helmet and Boots of Marlix :3
  8. Bumpity bump?

    oh, too soon *.*....

    STOP changing your minds about selling your pieces and suddenly deciding you want a whole set yourself!


    Buying all pieces again.
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  9. Bump

    Still have valuables to trade.
  10. Bump, still looking for chestpiece and boots and potentially the helmet.

    Have a momentus toothpick to trade if anyone has 2 pieces (i'll add in rupees, too)
  11. Bump
    Chestpiece and boots, anyone? I'll give you a momentus toothpick =P
  12. Bump

    Still looking for chestpiece and boots :3
    Still have a Momentus Toothpick to trade :3
  13. I may have a tunic :p what prices are we looking at?
  14. Bump

    Making a deal for the tunic, mostly looking for boots now.
  15. Bump!

    Still looking for Marlix Boots,
    Still have Momentus Toothpick to trade for them!
  16. bump!

    edit: I think i'm still looking for tunic and boots
  17. Bump

    Still looking for tunic and boots.
    Still have a legendary Momentus Toothpick to trade.
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