[buying] Lucky Bows

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  1. At /v 18393 I am buying lucky bows for 11,500r! I am looking to buy 9, but if you would like to sell more let me know. :)
  2. 11.5k, isn't that a little cheap for a bow with not only looting 4 which isn't available on bows but also has Unbreaking 10
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  3. Others are buying at 9 or 10k so Im buying at 11.5 :p
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  4. What is a lucky bow? I feel like I missed a promo.
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  5. Do /promo top10 :)
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  6. Buying at 12,900r! These bows are awesome!
  7. i'll sell mine for 100k
  8. Well that isn't the offer...
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  9. not yet at least... but just wait and see
  10. wierd to sell your bow for 11k when then one day it'll be worth more