Buying low stat Ponies!

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  1. :D Sell me your "poop/derp" ponies Server 2 I love starter ponies the most, but any will do!
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  2. I'll check my horse chest when I get home tonight. I should have dc of "poop/derp" horses collecting dust.
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  3. I can probably give you some for free :)
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  4. Sweet! awesome sauce, tell me res numbers or pop in server 2 :D
  5. What do you consider poop ponies?
  6. Stats under 110 :)
  7. Well, practically every pony has health under 110.
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  8. Silly goose I mean speed
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  9. Got 2 69% speed for sale and a 68%. Thats pretty derp. Collectors items ;p
    Let me know if you interested :)
  10. How much are you wanting for them? I'll have to pay you when I'm unbanned if thats okay.
  11. I have a 52 speed.
  12. I have quite a few 52 -65 speeds if you're interested :)
  13. Sure, you know where to find me :)
    I wont ask much for it, just a few rupees.
  14. mmm, I need a 45 speed horse if anyone has one. pm me
  15. Wait, I'm confused. What's so good about low speed horses?
  16. Cheap.