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  1. I'm looking to see if anyone has any of these items for sale:

    '2013' Birthday Cake
    • There was a misprinted copy in 2014, and it was named the 2013 Birthday Cake. This cake had the correct lore, but had the wrong year in its title. Only a very limited number of these 2013 Birthday Cakes got out into circulation. The misprinted cakes were only available for approximately one minute after its release before it was corrected.
    Incitatus Donkey
    • Note that there have been rare occurrences in which Incitatus spawned as a donkey rather than a horse with a speed much lower than 130%.
    Independence Day Armour Pieces with 'DO NOT CLAIM' as part of the lore.

    This is what they look like. They are NOT in chest form. It's the actual items.

    Required pieces are:
    • iDay Boots
    • iDay Helmet
    • iDay Pants
    If you have any of these items are would be interested in selling them, please PM with your price. Thanks :)
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  2. I think I used to have one of those birthday cakes, but I lost them when a res was reset because it went derelict (alt account that I had not used/voted for in a while and forgot about). I think I may have had a couple of them actually...
  3. That hurts my soul to hear that :p
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  4. I remember being offered one of these for around 200,000 maybe a year ago ;-; FFFFFF!! Back then when was difficult to afford a single beacon ._.
  5. Last bump.
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