[BUYING] I'm Buying any player's heads for 350r/head!

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  1. Hello! Thank you for watching this thread!

    If you have any duplicates or extra players heads that you don't use, please sell it to me!
    I just like to collect them because they are so unique and special!
    I'm planning to make a house for heads display in the future for me to enjoy the wall, that's it.

    it doesn't need to be yours (it's nice if the head is yours of course XD) it can be any random player's head.

    and I pay 350r/ head and don't mind duplicates.
    I'm buying head from 1 head to whatever you want to sell (depends on my budget XD)

    OR I trade head if I don't have a head you have and I have one you want in my collection.

    I'm not buying mob heads right now

    also, if you have staff heads that you'd like to sell, PM me an offer.

    if anything, please ask in this thread or just PM me

    thank you!
  2. BUMP'n Bump~! Sell me any extra head~ ♪♪♪
  3. Want mob heads as well?
  4. no I'm fine with mob heads. I only want players' head
    thank you for asking tho!
  5. Once you start you wont stop... I started off collecting a few then found myself with 600+ lol
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  6. I bet! XD then I'll start collecting staffs heads and I'll be broke!
    do you display your collecting head anywhere?
  7. Aha same thing happened to me. I had them displayed a while back. Since EMC heads didnt work, and I had no idea when they would, I gave up on it.
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  8. Hello! I'm still buying players head if you have any you don't need to keep :D and I don't mind duplicates.
    please let me know in this thread or PM me, but currently I don't buy below player's head right now.
    I have their heads too many XD


    thank you!
  9. would you buy 4 dc of heads from me?
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  10. WOOOW !!! 4 DC!!!! how many kinds of heads do you have? I'd love to buy them! Hopefully there are not too many dupes (like more than 20 heads of one player) even though I said I don't mind duplicates.
  11. I have a few duplicates I wouldn't mind selling, what smp do u normally play on?
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  12. thank you for the posting!
    I usually play on SMP5
  13. Ok next time I'm online I look for you
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  14. thanks! I don't log in so often so it may be easier if you can set up the chest with preview so I can see it to confirm? But it's up to you! I usually play in EMC around night time EMC time just let you know :)
  15. Go to /v +gigi on smp7, I have tons
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  16. thank you! let me go now XD
  17. I'll sell you like 2-5 DC of heads...
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  18. Ok I can set up a preview chest on my 1st res on smp7.
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  19. No worries, they are all different heads. Would be neat to sell you 4dc of a guy head lol
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