[Buying] Iday Promos

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  1. I am buying all the Iday Armor. I also am looking to buy the chests you redeem the items with.
    So I need the following...(Prices are negotiable)

    Independence Helm 6k
    Independence Helm (Do not claim version) 15k
    Independence Chest 10k
    Independence Chest (Do not claim version) 15k
    Independence Leggings 7k
    Independence Leggings Chest 14k
    Independence Leggings (Do not claim version) 15k
    Independence Boots 6k
    Independence Boots (Do not claim version) 15k

    If you are interested, send me a message, mail me ingame, or post below. All prices are negotiable. :)

    Running a tad low on funds. I would appreciate trading promos for these more than a rupees exchange if that is ok to everyone else. :)
  2. OP Updated. Chest prices raised and the rest of the promos have been added. :)
  3. OP updated again. Apparently you can claim the items that say "do not claim." So I added those to the list. All prices are negotiable and I may/may not be willing to go up of some/most of the promos. :)
  4. OP updated once more. Some prices now doubled, some lowered. Prices are negotiable, so if someone thinks something is worth more, just send me a message or post about it and we can do business. :)
  5. i will be able to sell you 3 taste the freedoms
  6. Alright. Do you have a time and place in mind?
  7. What's the Do not claim version?
  8. When you type /promo iday and the window comes up, there are the items and then the chests above it. The items below the chests said "Do not claim: claim chest above" on them. If one claimed the chest and then opened it, the promo item does not say "Do not claim: claim chest above." But people can still claim the promos that say that phrase, so now I am collecting both versions.
  9. Still haven't gotten any sellers. If anyone has any iday promos I will pay generously for them. :)
  10. OP updated. No longer buying certain items.
  11. OP updated. No longer buying certain items. Trading for these now as well. :)