{Buying} I-Day Promos And Much More!

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  1. Hello everyone! I am looking to purchase some of the new I-Day Promos, any other promos, moderator heads, and signatures. I am looking to get some more items to add to my collection that will be public as soon as the building for them are done. PM with any item you are looking to sell and we can work out a price. Thank you so much

  2. Bump!!!!!
  3. Would you be interested in an I-day 2013 fire work for 25k?
  4. I already have this promo... sorry so no thanks
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  5. I'll sell you each of the armor pieces for 20k each :p
  6. people are selling each for 5 or 10k....
  7. I don't think you got the joke... the point of the joke was that /shop sells them for 15k each and my prices were higher lol
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  8. I realized
  9. okay :p
  10. If the armor pieces were the "Do not claim" version they might be worth 20k :D

    If you do have those btw, I would be interested in buying those. No one seems to have those...or any of the redeem chests...everyone picks the sword...
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  12. I can sell you a rainbowchin head
  13. Sweet... Are you on right now? We can meet up and talk then?
  14. ill be on in 5 minutes
  15. k
  16. Nice doing business with ya :)
  17. I got the chest plate and sword version of that :3