[Buying] I-day Chests

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  1. Edit: Got all the pieces! Now I will buy those beautiful freedom swords from all you commies for 15k a piece.
  2. the text is hard to read
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  3. fixed
  4. Wiat you'll buy Armor at 20k each? SHop sells them for 15k :p
  5. these types of posts aren't helpful, but he is asking to buy the chests. the shop only sells the actual items. before they were items they were chests.
  6. Oh, ok thanks and sorry.
  7. I've got like 5 Freedom blade Chests if you want to buy 1 haha, speak whenever we see each other next or pm me ;)
  8. I will buy one off ya too. If you still got some left. :)
  9. Wow... Please don't hijack my thread! Just pm him. That is really rude.
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  10. Oh, sorry. I just have had the worst of luck getting sellers to get me promos. I have had a forum post for a few days now that I have kept bumping to try and get the promos myself but haven't had much/any luck yet and to see people more well known like yourself post something and immediately get sellers frustrated me. I am sorry I invaded your thread, I just wanted to get an extra after he sold one to you. It's not like I was trying to buy all of them from him and not let him sell any to you. But again, I didn't mean to invade and I wont do it again.
  11. This is my first offer so far, it's just rude, don't do it again.
  12. Updated the OP not buying the others now.
  13. call me a noob, idc. But what is a helmet chest? a chestplate? or a helmet? or both?
  14. he wants the chest you claim in the promo before redeeming it that contains helmet + firework.
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  15. ah ok
  16. Bump! Let me give you my rupees!
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