Buying horses speed over 130

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  1. Anyone selling horses that are over 130.If you are selling it at a responble price please post a reply
  2. Any horse with a speed over 130 was illegally made, so you don't want one.
  3. 130 speed horses are very expensive if not incitatus..
  4. i still want one
  5. Whose post are you referring to?
  6. Any horse found by staff with non-natural stats will be sent to the knackers yard, with no compensation.
  7. oh really?
  8. Yes. Which is exactly why you don't want one. :)
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  9. explain?
  10. Wat if I got a horse that is 130 speed well it's like 130.70 or something and spent 3k on it... Do I have to turn that in (its not incitatus)
  11. i don't even...
  12. Why ban someone with a 130% horse?
  13. I bought it from a guy i just want info if I have to turn it in
  14. That is an illegal horse, so yes they are liable to take it from you.
  15. They are glitches. And please don't double post.
  16. They won't ban you, where did you happen to read that?...
  17. Can you explain why you might be banned for a 130% horse?
  18. Ok ill wait for a mod/admin to respond.... I wish I could keep it xD
  19. Glitches?