[Buying] GRIP needs some redstone stuff

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  1. hi!

    we want 2 buy some redstone stuff, were looking around but im also asking here:
    • 11 droppers
    • 15 dispensers
    • 1 stack comparators
    • 16 redstone torches
    • 1 stack redstone dust
    • 32 (2x16) buckets
    • 8 sticky pistons
    • 32 (or 64) hoppers (depending on price!)
    u can tell me offers here or PM me.

    i totally cant keep up! :eek:
  2. Give me a bit and I will setup a chest with all needed.
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  3. I can give you guys some droppers, hoppers, pistons, dust, torches and buckets. Just tell me where to drop them :)
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  4. /v 5775@pickup on utopia

    never mind, found ya :p
  5. omg! :eek:

    u guys are the best!

    u can donate on /v +grip (smp5) but were willing 2 pay ofc!

    we only need buckets now ^.^
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  6. Just reimburse my vault usage fee. (*hint* I have 30 pages) :D
  7. i mailed u a grip special treat ^.^
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  8. Buckets delivered!
  9. I'll mail u some iron for future uses
  10. THX A BUNCH!!

    lol! right now were busy sorting out stuff b/c some ppl dumped lots of stuff in our chest ^.^

    were good on supplies again!!!

    had 2 griefs shortly after the other so we needed 2 add our reserves :confused:

    ==> I'm gonna request thread 2 be closed 2 prevent more bumping. GRIP doesnt ask 4 stuff when we dont need it (rule) and were pretty full now!! ^.^
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.