Buying grass blocks

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  1. The Recycling Center's Dirt Depository is low on grass blocks.
    Utopia 5716 or +dirt
    Now buying grass blocks for 4r per stack.
    Dirt blocks for 1r per stack.

    Perhaps you don't want the rupees?
    I will trade you a silk shovel for 1dc of grass blocks, if I am in-game.
    If you buy a shovel from my shop on - smp8 17972 Armory - for collecting 1dc of grass blocks (or more) I will refund the purchase if you message me.
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  2. did you ever get enough grass blocks
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  3. It is an ongoing public collection area.
    Sell whatever you have, take if you need.

    Same setup for some of the villager trade goods on the other corner. Get rewarded with rupees for crafting paper from sugar cane or turning bamboo into sticks.
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