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  1. Looking for someone to build a fairly efficient gold farm at my nether base, if anyone here even builds gold farms? Or if someone could supply me with a very detailed tutorial.

    Along with paying, I'm willing to supply what materials I can and do a lot of the building. It's the redstone that I'm clueless about.

    EDIT: Forgot to add, it needs to be at least partially manual, because of the 1.8 update.
  2. Yea, I need to rebuild an effective gold farm. Still waiting for them to confirm changes in 1.8.

    It's not worth building the simplest version of a gold farm, as seen all over youtube. As EMC has much limited 'active' mob range of 32 blocks. So a piston/water pushing system is required. Which will involve redstone.

    A far more complex, very efficient farm is almost required. If you are going complex efficient redstone farm, I'd recommend just building a wither farm that will drop pigmen anyway. The witherripper is about as efficient as you can get that will work properly in EMC. A few custom modifications can make it highly effective. But location is essential!

    JL2579's Witherripper vid

    Like any natural spawning mob grinder, it's best to locate it in an area where nothing else can spawn. Hence, a nice fortress structure in the middle of a 140 x 140 lava lake with nothing but bedrock up top and bottom.

    If you have a blaze spawner or two nearby, even better, can duel purpose the area for either or both.

    Does your location just happen to contain that kind of area?
  3. Wither farm is a good idea, but I believe nether fortresses not in 1.7 chunks are broken; I have come across wither skeletons spawning absolutely randomly throughout non-1.7 chunks which makes me think fortresses are broken.

    So, Artemis, if your base is in new 1.7 chunks you will be fine to make a Witherripper. Otherwise, I would suggest finding a large lava lake, like NZScruffy said, and simply building a generic mob farm. I'm confident you could tweak the Enderman grinder design to fit your needs. Here's the link.
    Enderman Grinder Video
  4. Thanks for responding guys. My nether fortress is new 1.7, medium sized, and located over a lava lake with a lot of land around it. In other words, the lava lake is not very big.

    Also, I am very bad at redstone and grinders, so I wouldn't be able to adapt, tweak, or customize anything without some kind of instructions. o_o

    So far though, it seems like the witherripper thing is my best option. I could slab all the land near the fortress. It'd be time consuming, but worth it. I was planning to slab the lava lake so I could get ghast drops...
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  5. I've not spent enough time in new 1.7 chunks to be sure. But the two newly uncovered fortresses I've worked in, I've seen wither skeles spawning strangely. They DO spawn in fortress areas, but only ever in the tops of 'tower' areas, and never on the walkways where they SHOULD also be spawning. So I'm not sure if even new 1.7 chunks are spawning correctly. :)

    But I know you can probably confirm that bem.
  6. I can indeed confirm that 1.7 chunks work fine for spawning wither skellies :D
    They do seem to spawn a bit erratically though. That's not because they won't spawn, there are just more mobs elsewhere sucking up entcount and largely preventing them from spawning until you move around a bunch.
  7. Well, only a couple wither at a time spawn at my nether base. I don't know of it's cause I'm not there often, or if it's too small, or if wither spawns are broken, but I've never seen more than three at a time spawn there.

    Also, it looks like this witherripper video is outdated, are you reasonably certain this design will work? Especially since only a few wither at a time spawn at my base?
  8. And another question: If I pave the whole fortress as a nether brick platform, will more withers spawn, or can they only spawn on the pre-spawned nether fortress bridges?
  9. 1. EMC spawn range is 64 blocks from the player. Hence the 140 x 140 area around the farm (64 x 2 = 128 + 12 blocks leeway for moving around the farm).
    2. You could slab off the open areas you see, or use lava. However, there are lots of cave systems from bedrock at 122 to bedrock at lvl 5. These will spawn mobs and affect your farm. So either search out all the caves, or remove all the netherrack in the area.
    3. Ghasts spawn on a single solid block with 3 x 2.5 x 2.5 air space above it. So making a ghast farm isn't that difficult also. (Just understanding their spawning and moving behavior can be difficult for some).

    If you are solely interested in just a pigmen farm, then a very simple tripwire/piston style farm typicaly used for enderman can easily be adapted to pigmen as bem explained. So go for that and keep it simple. :)
    As combining a wither + pigmen + blaze farm such as the witherripper style farm can be extremely complex. Due to the ideal need to seperate the different mobs into different kill areas :) (due to different amounts of life, and ability to fly/not fly, etc).
  10. They will only spawn in designated bridge areas, although the y coordinate can vary by about 7 blocks.
  11. Yes i am sure it will work (with some tweaking of the redstone, as EMC + 1.7 seems to not like half-tick pulses very much). There is more than one 'witherripper' design in EMC, and they are working. :)

    I'm not 100% certain, someone who has spent time in EMC fortresses will have to answer that. I've also experienced bad spawning of withers in my EMC fortress areas.

    However, I'm fairly certain Aikar has not made any changes to wither spawning, which means 1.7 spawning should be in effect. And 1.7 has not changed any of the old spawning mechanics of fortresses (other than relocating the fortresses to different chunks lol).
    1. Withers only spawn within certain areas of fortress structures (see KaboPC's vids on those details). The dimensions around fortress structures in which withers spawn is very specific.
    2. Withers will not spawn on any netherbrick surfaces you build 'outside' of the wither spawning areas of a fortress. (unless it's in pre 1.7 chunks that the game now sees as fortresses areas without actually containing any fortress lol).

    So you should not see any withers spawning outside of existing fortress areas where they have spawned for over a year. Keep in mind, they DO walk around, and sometimes they walk off walkways/towers and wander around random netherrack areas.
  12. Hmm, I know I don't have the knowledge to make a witherripper without a ridiculously in depth tutorial, so you're probably right about that. I should probably just stick to the pigmen farm. It'll take me a while, but I believe I can slab all the land areas around the fortress to make my spawner efficient. I just hope that I build it correctly and that 1.8 doesn't break it.
  13. I have one that is perfect and ready for 1.8 :)
  14. Got a tutorial? :eek:
  15. Wither farms require a lot more knowledge of the spawning code than gold farms, but there are plenty of tutorials on youtube if you are confused. I don't really see how the redstone of a gold farm is confusing to you though, all you do is put a piston down, put a block on top of it, redstone on top of that block, slab on top of the redstone and tripwire line across the solid block placed on the piston. Repeat. A much bigger scale than that if you want efficiency though, lol.
  16. Smp3 has a public one that is manual and semi-manual. It is public.
  17. Yeah, I've been using the public one, and let me tell you, the people who use it are really, really rude. I'd rather just have my own. I'll be sitting there spawning pigmen, and I'll leave to go to the bathroom (or I'll even be sitting there watching) and someone will come up and kill my pigmen. Won't even ask. o_o
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  18. You can copy my Gold Farm design I guess. It has worked pretty well for me so far...
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  19. Parallel tripwire?
    Boo, perpendicular for the win.

    Also, on topic:
    I would not recommend a witherripper as a wither skeleton farm on EMC in general, in addition to being rather ridiculous in complexity, it doesn't work as would be ideal.