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  1. Hey guys its me and i want you promos yep PM me on the website for offers of the promo here is how the format shall go If you wish to donate just type beside wanting price DONATING Thank you so much. The promos below are some of the promos i want to buy Also include the player Trent948 in the conversation please Thanks EquableHook624

    Promo Item(s):
    Wanting Price:
    Final Price

    • ICC Birthday Voucher (7k)
    • Rudolph(7k)
    • Holiday Pick(10k)
    • Valens, Incitatus, Saltar (13k)
    • Haunted Head (7k)
      Starter Helmet, Chestplate, Leggings, Boots, Pickaxe, Sword(1k NOTE THIS IS FOR WHOLE SET)
    • Turkey Slicer(10k)
    • All 60k member items (Big Daddy Helmet, Bullet Proof Vest, Cactus Pants, Feather Falling Boots,Flaming Mob Launcher, Everlasting Axestopper, Turfinator, Ore Buster) Everything except ore buster 13k ore buster 20k
    • Supporter Vouchers (Iron, gold, diamond) Iron 40k Gold 60 Diamond 140
    • 2012 New Years firework-random effect on use 25k
    • 2013 New Years firework-soul bound-random effect on use 9k
    • 4th of July firework-red white and blue-soulbound 11k
    • 4th of July Empire Firework-soulbound-random effect on use 2 11k\ NO LONGER BUYING PROMOS THANKS EVERYONE GOT A BUNCH OF PROMOS
  2. 4005 sells a lot of this stuff :)
  3. How much are you buying turkey slicers for?
  4. So no Valentine's Gifts? Cause Valentine roses are just renamed roses (No special text)

    EDIT: you should also list the prices so nobody asks how much things are
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  5. 10k for it
  6. *cough*whataboutmypost*cough*
  7. Sorry not buying those thanks though
  8. Promo Item(s): Starter Sword
    Wanting Price: 1k
  9. I heard that the ore buster was 40k and the 2012 firework was 60k..
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  10. I was looking for the whole set sorry should've been more specific
  11. i will sell u 3 turkey slicers for 10k each.
  12. Items - 12x Turkey Slicer
    Wanting price - 156k
    Final price - 140k
  13. I would like to sell you a full starter set for your 1k plus 500 rupees sir
  14. No thanks got enough turkey slicers as it is :)
  15. Can you Bump that down to 8k a piece please
  16. That will work I will set you up an access chest at 3307 then i will pay
  17. hey equable want two useless ICC vouchers?
  18. 5 ICC vouchers
    2 Indy fireworks
    1 Empire firework indy day 2013
    1 empire firework 2013
    1 rudolph
    1 holiday pick
    1 haunted head
    Price asking: 100k
    Lowest price: 95k