[Buying] Dirt 50r per block

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  1. I am buying dirt for 50r per block, just to give back to the community :]
    Visit at /v 2222
  2. I have 12 DC (wink) lol :p
  3. I will buy them all.
  4. nick mae the sign like this:
    75 B : 50 S
  5. Anti-Climatic event is anti-climatic.
  6. Congratulations nick, you have officially broken the shop plugin.
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  7. U ready to give up the money?
  8. It was a hoax, probably my 2nd favorite one. I did format the sign with &0.
    Sorry for all that I disappointed.
    I did make a shop that bought dirt for 50r per after I realized I could be banned :p (thanks, torian)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.